Saturday, December 18, 2010


Today was the last possible yard sale day for 2010—and it rained. Going out not with a bang but a dribble! But a rainy morning is the perfect time to look back over the year’s purchases and see how I did.

I did good.

As you may know, I keep a spreadsheet with all my garaging purchases noted.

Date Item Paid Est. Value Category Notes
1/9/2010 toy 0.25 8.00 decoration gund classic piglet
1/9/2010 toy 0.50 5.00 decoration another wooden manikin
1/9/2010 quilt 3.00 25.00 household pink and green twin vintage quilt
1/16/2010 soap 0.50 10.00 household Gardeners Therapies liquid soap
1/16/2010 gift 0.50 25.00 gift gap overalls for Emily
1/16/2010 craft item 0.50 60.00 craft Chico's red embroidered shirt

I can’t recommend keeping a record too highly! It really give you a great picture of just how much bang you’re getting for your bucks. I like the feeling of control I have from know where my money goes. And as I’ve mentioned before, if you resell, you need a record for tax purposes.

But really, I do it for the thrill of the bottom line. This year’s bottom line? I spend $440.47 on driveways during the year, and brought home an estimated (conservatively estimated!) $10,510 worth of stuff. Woo hoo! I feel like a lottery winner this morning.

Of course, the bottom line means nothing if the stuff you bring home doesn’t prove useful and/or make you happy. I’m glad to be able to say I have a healthy bottom line in that regard as well. Let’s do the annual round-up by category, starting with clothes and accessories. Spent $5 on 10 accessories, including a darling vintage acorn circle pin.

IMG_9358Bought 31 pieces of clothing for $18.50, including a couple of twenty-five cent cashmere sweaters. I estimate the value in this category was about $1150.

Crafts: Didn’t spend much, though I still bought several sweaters to felt. Spent $3.85 on 8 items that would have been close to $100 in stores. The fave: my angora bed socks made from a felted sweater. I love having warm feet at night!


Decor: Pretty frugal here—$23 for 14 items, and my vintage wire Christmas tree was more than half of the total! Yeah, a big blowout for me, but I love it. In spite of our decision not to decorate the house this year, my husband snuck up to the attic and grabbed a box of ornaments and surprised me yesterday.

IMG_9861It looks adorable. Wish my photography skills were equal to the task of showing it off!

I really scored in the entertainment category: 17 books, 29 CDs, 65 magazines, and 62 DVDs for less than a hundred bucks. Wow. No wonder I’ve never been tempted to spend dime on cable!

Reselling: I’m waiting for the economy to recover, but I did spend $12 in this category. Had a total of $180 in eBay sales, so I came out ahead.

Yard: my biggest spend of the year on a single item was for the yard.


Thirty dollars for a gazebo. I can live with that.

Work: wow, bought 74 items worth about $800 for $53.75! Door prizes for children’s librarians, prizes in the staff summer reading program, toys for a grant project. Remember the Smencils back in March?

IMG_6345And the most hilarity was caused by the Winnie the Pooh wine glasses. Kind of wish I had kept these!


Household: this is always a biggie because I stuff a lot of things under this category, including dishes, fabric, furniture, linens and office supplies. But our furniture finds were especially exciting, since I’ve been watching for mid-century items for the retirement house. I still get a thrill from these:

the atomic era lamps


MCM bedside tables


vintage bar stools

IMG_6804Heywood Wakefield vanity

IMG_9113Ingmar Relling Siesta chair

IMG_9079  Hans Olsen chairs

IMG_9865  and the Poul Hundevad credenza and hutch.

Poul Hundevad credenza   hutchI can’t help wondering what MCM marvels I missed in previous years just because I wasn’t looking for it! But I love what I found, and the fact that all of these pieces set me back a total of…are you ready?


My oh my, I do love to shop on driveways.



  1. That is amazing! Just shows how much you save by shopping yard sales, thrifts etc! I keep track of what I buy and pay for it. Some for the resale info but mostly for me and to know just what I have saved in my shopping. I can set a beautiful table with only thrifty finds and I'm darn proud of it!

  2. a spreadsheet! sounds like something i would've done when i was younger (i used to catalogue all my vhs tapes on index cards including cross-referencing), but i've grown lazy (and less anal-retentive) in my older days. :)

    i'm impressed! it's a great tool to see just how much you've spent and how much you've saved!

    i junk every saturday too but honestly, sometimes i don't WANT to know how much i've spent! i mean, i always get great deals ... but many times i buy more than i should.

    anyway, congrats on a terrific and successful year of junking! here's hoping next year will be even better!


  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I have really enjoyed your posts this year and following your thrifting adventures. Bring on the bargains in 2011!!! xx

  4. Its good to be the Queen! Whatta great did fantastically well. Here's to a smashing 2011!

  5. You are the thrifting queen! I would never ever have thought of keeping a record of thrifted purchases, but how satisfying to be able to look back at the year in review. And I am so jealous of your $30 gazebo, btw.

  6. Congrats on a successful year! I need a spreadsheet like NOW. Thats going to be a resolution for sure...keep better track of my reselling bought and sold figures!

  7. Wow, impressive savings and all that beautiful, vintage furniture for $87??? Amazing! I am also "borrowing" your spreadsheet for the New Year goals.

    Best to you for 2011!

  8. Maybe for the new year I'll keep a spreadsheet- that is such a good idea!

    You motivate me to hunt for the lowest prices, you found so many gorgeous mod finds for dirt cheap, so inspiring!

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  10. well now I never thought of a spread sheet but since a new year is coming up I think I will dive right in! Thanks!

  11. Wow and WOW! Love the bedside tables and the lamp. The chairs, the stools. Well all of it really. Well done!!


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