I am the author of five books, and I'd love for you to read them! 

Dear to the heart of this blogger is Shopping on Driveways: Advice to Thrifters from the Queen of Fifty Cents:
 Shop ‘til you drop…and spend pennies on the dollar! The Queen of Fifty Cents will show you how to find great sales, how to bargain like a champ and leave everyone smiling, even how to hold your own sale (the best ever). Great advice from an expert thrifter!
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My newest novel is Sidestep
Beth thought she had stepped out of her old life for only a few days. But when she tried to step back in, her life had been stolen. Identity, money, home, job, all gone. Now she was going to get it back. But how far can you go in dealing with a monster without becoming a monster yourself? Beth was about to find out. 
Click HERE to order the ebook for $2.99 or the paperback for $15.95.

I also write the Willow Falls mystery series, which opens with Sleeping Dogs Lie:

On a rainy October night, Louisa McGuire waits in the car while her friend Bob makes a dash into the grocery store. Soon he comes out again - but with him is a woman in a sleek red suit. She leads him to her Mercedes and they drive away. Has Louisa been ditched, or has Bob been kidnapped? She enlists the help of her cousin Kay, owner of an antique store, and two intrepid canines, Jack and Emily Ann, to follow the scant clues to find Bob. Find him they do - but when they learn who he really is, they learn that the stakes are high. Can they avoid being the next victims of a cold-blooded murderer?
In Dogs We Trust continues Louisa's adventures:
Counterfeit traveler’s checks are creating a stir in Willow Falls, but Louisa McGuire has a more pressing problem: her house has sold and she has nowhere to live. So she agrees to mind a country bed-and-breakfast inn, where her friendly (or are they?) guests pop up in the oddest places. Things go bump in the night…but Louisa knows that In Dogs We Trust!
The Dog Prince is the third book in the series:
All Louisa McGuire wants is to get the boxes unpacked and to settle into her new home. But a Texas-talking man, a butt-ugly plastic frog, and the lawnmower from hell catapult her into mayhem and murder - and worse!

If you enjoy your mysteries cozy with a sprinkling of dogs, you'll love visiting Willow Falls! 

All titles are available as a trade paperback or an e-book for the Kindle from Amazon.But don't just take my word for are some comments from readers:

For Sleeping Dogs Lie:

Light a fire, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy an evening with … this engaging cozy mystery from Sharon Henegar. Louisa's and Bob's adventures—and misadventures—kept me up way past my usual bedtime…How long must I wait for a sequel? –Andrea Dietze

…I found myself not wanting to do anything but keep on reading. Her chapter ending cliff hangers, complete with murder and kidnapping, propel you through the book. –Linda Wight

Sleeping Dogs Lie was so enjoyable. I liked the characters immediately and wished I had a friend just like Louisa. … I consider it a nearly perfect mystery. Her upcoming new novel In Dogs We Trust is even better than the first … the plot twist was breathtaking. –Teresa Raines

Characters who become your friends…Don't get me wrong - the baddies are suitably bad and the plot is thrilling. But it is the sympathetic and very real main characters (dogs and humans) in this book who have stayed in my mind - in some way they have become part of my mental landscape and I rather expect to meet them one day. I certainly intend to 'meet' them in the next installment! –M. Alison Heal

This was a "can't put it down once you start" book. The characters are so funny and very real. I loved the dogs and their antics. I am looking forward to Sharon's next book. When I say you will Laugh Out Loud, I mean it! –Linda MacKean

For In Dogs We Trust:
  It's a real page-turner!  I love all the characters, I feel like I know them personally!  And the dogs are great too! – Kim Simester

… I enjoyed this book even more than the first.  The characters are so great.  I just love Louisa, Kay and the gang including the lovely dogs.  What a treat.  I never even suspected that [BLEEP!!] was behind the whole scheme! – Teresa Raines

And for Sidestep"WOW, WOW, WOW! Terrific Book!"​ - Michelle Cheshire

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  1. I didn't know you were a librarian and an author. I'll have to "check out" your books. I am a big mystery fan.

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