Sunday, December 26, 2010


Since the holiday season is so focused on gifts, here’s a little film of some of the gifts I’ve picked up on driveways. Most of what I give away goes to children’s librarians, so you’ll see lots of puppets and toys!

If I can be allowed another shameless self promotion, my novel Sleeping Dogs Lie is still on sale for a special price! And a huge thank you to my readers (both ‘real’ book and ebook), including the ones who left reviews on Amazon. I have to admit that this one made my day!

“Light a fire, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy an evening with your Kindle and this engaging cozy mystery from Sharon Henegar. Louisa's and Bob's adventures--and misadventures--kept me up way past my usual bedtime. While dogs, amateur detectives, and offbeat plots are frequently mixed in novels these days, Ms. Henegar displays a deft, creative hand as the story unfolds. Ms. Henegar is off to a great start with the Willow Falls series--how long must I wait for a sequel?”

The sequel will be out in 2011!

Have a great week, finishing out 2010, and be sure to come along in 2011 to see what driveway adventures will come our way.


  1. Great video. I had my husband view it and he kept shaking his head saying "She found all of this for .50 cents to a dollar? Incredible!"
    I remarked, "that is why she is the Queen of Fifty Cents!".
    Happy Holidays!

    btw...I will be buying your book to share with my Aunt and my sisters, as we love a great mystery.

  2. Audra---you have to tell your hubby the prices were from 25cents to a dollar!
    great vid, loved the music too! where do you find these melodies???

  3. I love that video, you found some very charming things.

  4. Your thrifting spreadsheet has inspired me to start one for 2011! I will blog about it and of course, link to you :) The idea was floating in my mind, and you gave me the final push to execute it.

    Can't wait for another frugal year in 2011!

  5. I had to let you know that I purchased your book for the Kindle. I really enjoyed reading it. Good job!

  6. Great recap. Love the video and the spreadsheet idea. I keep a spreadsheet but may tweek it after seeing yours. Hope you don't mind if I copycat your idea to create a video of my own for my blog. Love reading your saling stories ... thank you for such an entertaining blog. Happy New Year!


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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