Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrr, February! I'm okay with winter until February rolls around, and then I've had enough. And a couple of years ago, I swear to you we had February and then we had it again, March was just the same. If I were the kind of person who winters in Palm Springs, this is when I'd go. Truly makes me wonder how I survived the winters I spent in Minneapolis, but I was young then and apparently quite a lot tougher.

At least in Oregon, even in February we get the occasional sale to go to. There was an estate sale last weekend I almost attended. The pictures were so crazy I sent them to my posse just for a giggle. The person must have been a very determined – okay, crazed – collector. It wasn’t hoarding, there were definite themes and appeared to be a lot of specially built shelving throughout the house. Lots of midcentury china, lamps, Hall teapots, swan lamps…let’s just say there were 183 pictures like these: 

I'm sure every dealer in the West was there. And because of Covid and the house being so crowded with Stuff only 10 people were allowed in at a time. KK and I talked about going on Saturday afternoon (the 3rd day) but in the end decided not to. Some things just take more energy than you have to spare, and it wasn’t like I wanted to buy any of this stuff.

But I did luck out on Saturday morning. Saw there was a moving sale listed on Craigslist that stated at 8 over in my old neighborhood, which is near the dog park I take ZoĆ« to every day. So we went by on our way home and I scored a couple of plants for the yard, both in decent plastic pots. One is some kind of clover with a red center that I may plant out as a ground cover. 

The other is just beginning to leaf out, but was described as having small red flowers all summer and being an absolute magnet for hummingbirds. I’m pretty sure this is an autumn sage, salvia gregii. Best of all, they were a buck each. 

Then I splurged another fifty cents on something I plucked from another pot.

I ask you, what kind of a gardener goes out and actually buys a snail? But…it's a really cute snail!

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