Sunday, March 13, 2022

A Little Something

I just could not get myself out the door on Friday. There was a handful of sales, but widely scattered and nothing of interest in the pictures. And while I've always considered that what I've spent on gas to go to sales was a fair trade-off for the finds and the fun…right now, not so much. Whee – look at the numbers flying by on the gas pump! Did it really take only about 29 seconds to pump forty bucks worth??

But on Saturday there was a sale on the west side of town that looked good. Appeared to be a midcentury modern home (there are some beauts over there) with some cool stuff. So off I went, timing my arrival – I thought – for a bit after the early arrivals would be out of the way.

I was appalled at the half-block-long line still waiting to go in (though I appreciate that they were keeping some control on the number of people inside, since the mask mandate was lifted yesterday and almost no one was being careful). But I found a parking place right across the street (someone must just have left), and it was warm and sunny and a chance to chat with folks and admire the 7 month old baby exploring the lawn grass. Waited, and inched forward, and waited, and waited, and inched…

And then of course there was nothing I wanted. Everything I'd seen in the pictures that might have been of interest was gone, gone, gone. The first arrivals must have been a herd of locusts…or dealers. I guess it was a good chance to practice stoicism and to remind myself of the satisfaction of NOT spending anything!

There was another estate sale nearby that had started on Friday, so I swung by…just in case. I was greeted with “Everything is half price today!” which is always nice to hear, and even though there wasn’t a ton of stuff left, I found more than I did at the other sale. I added a DVD to my ever-growing collection

and picked up a fun tray.

Of course I did not notice the crack in one side until I got home, but no biggie. A little wood glue,

a clamp,

and while not invisible it's better and will serve my purpose.

And…half price!

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