Saturday, August 27, 2022


I had a comment on my last post recently from Genie saying I’ve been missed, and I was very touched. I love getting comments (exception = spam!!) and it’s been my practice to comment in reply. I’m not sure what’s going on with the old blog, but it just will not let me leave a comment. Wants me to keep signing in, even though I have signed in and it's my own blog, dammit. I hope no one else has been similarly frustrated. Ain’t technology grand? Actually yes, it is, but it sure can be frustrating.

I was going to say that my tolerance for frustration has not increased along with my age, but upon reflection perhaps it has. I can certainly roll my eyes and shrug and say “oh well” about most things that don't go as I'd wish. Which has been a good attitude to bring to garaging this summer; the pickings have been slim. Since I don't actually need anything and I rarely resell now it really doesn’t matter, and I still have fun conversations with folks along the way. And life still throws a few surprises at me from time to time.

I'm still chuckling about something that happened when I was leaving a sale a couple of weeks ago. I was just about to get into my car when a woman leaving the same sale called over to me, “Hey, are you that woman who is running for governor?” It’s a startling thing to be asked. (Not, of course, if you actually are running for governor.) I assured her I was not that person and she went on her way. On further reflection, I decided I might vote for a candidate I'd seen shopping on driveways, since to me it denotes a sensible attitude on fiscal responsibility.

At another recent sale I came upon two middle aged guys going through DVDs and other items. One of them discovered a thick notebook filled with cards – like baseball cards – in plastic sleeves. Oh look, he exclaimed, these are all of Diana Rigg when she was in The Avengers. I couldn’t help laughing; there are collector’s cards of Diana Rigg in The Avengers? Sheesh, who knew. Then the other one said very seriously that the problem with this notebook was that nothing was in its original packaging which was such a shame. I can see there’s a whole area of collecting out there that I am completely ignorant of. And plan to remain so, thank you.

And yes, they did buy all the collecting cards.

At another place I had an enjoyable conversation with a lady I remembered buying some yarn from a few years ago at her previous sale. We talked about yarn and textiles and somehow segued into gardening, and she asked I'd like to see her back yard, that she was a novice gardener but had planted lots of flowers over the past couple of years. We headed to the back, and it was stunning – a riot of color and texture, just wonderful. “Hey,” I said, “I'm on the Open Garden Committee of the Salem Hardy Plant Society, is there any chance you’d like to open your garden for members to visit one of these days?” And she said yes! Even though she’s not yet a member, she opened her garden this weekend, and everyone who visited love it. I had such a good time watching her connect with other gardeners and just soaking in the peace of her garden. So Linda, thank you so much for surprising me and saying yes!

My biggest surprise lately did not happen while I was garaging however. I was  grocery shopping and headed to my favorite pet store for dog food. These folks partner with a cat rescue group and sometimes have adoptable kitties in the store; it is in fact where I found my Millie. 

I always glance over at the big walk-in enclosure just to see if any kitties are there, and this time there was one – a tiny dark gray tabby kitten, ten weeks old. Our eyes met. He gave a tiny little mew. And I was a goner.

I was in no way in the market for an additional pet. But I was smitten. When I left the store with my dog food I was telling myself sternly that I had to think about this overnight, I should not rush into anything. By the time I got home I was telling myself sternly that I had to think about this at least until I put the groceries away. When I finished with the groceries…I went straight to my phone and called the pet store and said that kitten in MINE!

And he is. His name is Stanley and he is fabulous.

For such a baby he’s quite mellow. Had the run of the house within a day and gets along with everyone. Plays adorably, eats like a champ, and likes to cuddle. He tucks himself beside my pillow and sleeps all night. Okay, a couple of times he’s been up at 2 a.m. to play with my eyebrows, but hey, he’s a baby. I could not be happier with my impulsive decision and have no regrets at all.

Which reminded me of an earlier cat adoption, when we took in Puddy. He was at least 12 at the time, and I was afraid it would be hard to integrate him into the family. But he walked in, greeted the other cat and two dogs, and simply settled in to live the rest of his life with us. Again, no regrets, and he inspired me to write this. Feel free to substitute your name of choice for Puddy – and say yes to the next surprise that comes your way!


You should always say ‘yes’ to a Puddy.

A Puddy’s a wonderful thing.

They’ll purr for you in the autumn

And summer, and winter, and spring.

They lay by you in your bed at night

And sing you a soft lullaby

And during the day, they’ll get in your way

And crouch where you want to walk by.


You should always say yes to a Puddy.

A Puddy’s a wonderful guy.

They’ll be with you when you are happy

And mop up your tears when you cry.

They eat whatever you give them,

Then bump your head with their nose

And when dinner’s done, they lie in the sun

In a perfectly artistic pose.


So always say yes to a Puddy

If a Puddy should come to your door.

He’s wise and he has much to teach you

And a Pud can't be bought at the store.

Though at first you might think you don’t need one

And you try to say no, not for me.

You’ll never regret a Pud as a pet

Just try one, and then you will see.

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