Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hello Again!

Before I head out for my physical therapy appointment this morning, I wanted to let everyone know I'm doing great.I'm not yet running races, but am well on the way to using the new knee.

The doc said surgery went very well, and that the old knee was thoroughly worn out. (Good riddance!) I spent one night in the hospital, which was exactly like I'd heard it would be. Every hour or two someone came in my room to do something - take temperature, take blood, check monitors, read outputs. (Someday perhaps I'll understand why a catheter would need to come out at 3 am,,,) I'm sure I've more than made up for the lost sleep since then with a few days of fairly heavy pain drugs.

I'n not painkiller-free yet, but hope to be soon. And with the help of Howard, my walker (you know I name everything), I'm getting around pretty well. I was able to cook our breakfast yesterday morning, and that smoothie I made for dinner tasted pretty good!

The goal I'm supposed to reach is a 90 degree bend in the new knee by two weeks after surgery. When I did PT on Monday I could already do 88 degrees, so another week should see me well past that.

I'll be haunting the yard sales of Salem again before we know it!

Monday, August 12, 2019

A Quickie Update!

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm heading off for my knee surgery tomorrow morning! Had the angiogram last week and no blockages were found (whew!) so the cardiologist cleared me for surgery. My amazing buddy Marcia has extended her visit to the end of the month, and I have such great friends around here so I know I'll be well taken care of.

Also wanted to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for all the well wishes and support from YOU! More than half the fun of doing this blog has been hearing from my readers. I'm looking forward to lots more thrifty adventures in the years to come.

I probably won't be able to shop on driveways for a few weeks, but Marcia and I found some fun stuff over the past couple of weekends, so as soon as I can spend time at my computer I'll share some of that. Warning, there's some extreme cuteness ahead!
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