Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chimes & Pups & Demented Elves

Today’s unexpected discovery was that driving around with wind chimes in your convertible is actually rather nice. We wedged these puppiesIMG_9834between the bucket seats and enjoyed the gentle notes at every turn. I have a feeling my husband will balk at my idea of bolting them to the dashboard.

My friend Diane came with me on the garaging rounds today. And we encountered just about every lady I know who are regulars. The first was my friend Linda, who was out with her mom and her neighbor Shelley. Linda introduced us to Joyce, whose yard sale we were at, and told us that she had bought her dining room table from Joyce’s sale a couple of years ago. Joyce called her the other day to say that she had kept back two of the matching dining chairs, and she no longer needs them, so Linda should come and get ‘em. Which she did.

Then at the next stop, Linda & company were there and my yard-sale-acquaintance Sue showed up. A little later Carol arrived. I’m sure the people having sales are mystified by this large band of roving women who all know each other. Little do they know we all met on driveways.

Hmmm, I should have a little tea party sometime for the ladies I met garaging.

The day started out quite foggy, but eventually that burned off and we had a gorgeous morning. It was even fairly warm, probably low 70s. (I know, don’t hate me. Just remember I’ll be moving 1000 miles north one of these days.) Maybe it was the nice sunshine that brought out all the pets. There was Princess YumyumIMG_9819who lives with Spike the Australian cattle dog (whose picture did not come out). Freckles was the first Brittany I’ve seen in ages.IMG_9822 She’s reportedly a very ‘birdy’ dog. When she’s inside she’s a love sponge, but outdoors she is all hunter.

This little five month old puppy was being walked by his family, and went into a barking fit when he saw the obviously dangerous pug at a yard sale.IMG_9807He barked and barked. Took him a while to figure out the pug was a figurine.IMG_9808

Can’t remember this little terrier mix’s name. He was hard to photograph, just too darned wiggly.IMG_9828Our next pet has a very, very sad life story, but  a happy ending. Pearl was having a snooze in the sunshine in her carriage.IMG_9812Her owner does bulldog rescue, and told us that Pearl spent most of her life in a cage in a puppy mill. She was never allowed out of her cage, so her legs became weak and deformed, and poor Pearl can barely walk. When Pearl could no longer produce puppies she was dumped at an animal shelter. This lady adopted her with the knowledge that Pearl would probably not live more than a month, but she wanted her to have some love before she died.

That was two years ago. Her recovery has been slow and she will never be able to get around very well. But she is much loved, and will end her life with the kind of treatment she should have had all along.

I know I’m likely preaching to the choir here, but please, please be careful about where your puppy comes from. Puppy mills still exist, and the lives of the mother dogs are horrible. Puppy mills exist because they make money for despicable people. Let’s put these people out of business. I’d like to put them in one of the cages they imprison their dogs in, but putting them out of business is a first step.

And if you’d like to rescue a nice bulldog, they told us the Southern California Bulldog Rescue group currently has about 65 dogs that need homes. Let me know if you’d like their contact info.

As you can imagine, it was hard to remain dry eyed, listening to Pearl’s story. Except that she exuded contentment, and the ladies having the sale were a hoot. We got a kick out of some of their merchandise. IMG_9815 Too bad this didn’t fit either one of us! I can just imagine either of our husband’s faces if we revealed a “Love Kills Slowly” pink satin bustier.

I spent less than five bucks this morning. (Spendthrift Diane outdid me by quite a bit. Mainly because of the 6 x 8’ silk Persian rug she got for ten dollars. She’s so wild.) Besides the wind chimes I brought home some toys I’ll be giving to a libraryIMG_9833a maraca made out of a real gourdIMG_9842  and a present for a painter friend.IMG_9836 (Yes, Cathy G., that’s you—hope you can use it!)

I got a ceiling light shade to replace one of our vintage ones when we eventually sell this house.

IMG_9840I’m so used to my wonderful vintage ceiling shades that it’s hard for me to find this thing really worth even the fifty cents I paid. OMG, I’m a ceiling glass snob.

My favorite find of the morning unfortunately is not in working condition, but I think it might make a fun display piece.IMG_9844I think the case is Bakelite, though I’m not positive. It’s pretty dirty right now but a little cleaning should improve its appeal. And I have just the vintage photo to display with it.Steve & Bob radio repair '57 - web  That’s my husband and his little brother hard at work “repairing” an old radio. Maybe they’ll be willing to work on this one.

Let me leave you with something we didn’t buy. (My guess is no one else bought it either.) You may remember we decided to opt out of Christmas decorating this year. I think if we hadn’t, this object would have convinced me to do so.IMG_9825 It was his expression I found particularly festive.

IMG_9826Nothing says Noel like a demented elf with his tongue sticking out, that’s what I’ve always said.



  1. I am sincerely envious over the chimes! jan

  2. Wow! Thanks for the palate paper!! I have heard about it, but since I would have had to pay store prices for it, never tried it! This will be fun!
    Went to a yard sale around the corner from my home convenient! Got a pretty English china cup and saucer for my sister in law ($5,but not very many driveway shopping days till Xmas, and it is out of the way now!), two tiny Lenox bird houses with a bird on each (about 1 1/2" high) for $1, and a white on powder blue embroidered table cloth, a crocheted table cloth, and a pretty chintz apron for $2. It was nice 'cause I was able to get there early for once! Thanks again lady!

  3. Do the pet rescue centres over there make it easy or difficult to adopt an animal? Over here it's almost as difficult as adopting a child. As husband is not an animal person by any stretch of the imagination, and the animal shelters like to interview the whole family who want to adopt, we don't stand much chance of being accepted. I'd love to give an abandoned dog a loving home. Pearl's story is just tragic. How lovely she's happy now. xx

  4. I saw Pearl on the SCBDR website. I read her story and cried. Why do people treat animals this way? These places should be shut down. Anyway, she is beautiful! I'm glad she got a good owner who loves her. BTW, I love the chimes! I'll bet they made a nice sound in your car!

  5. Okay I'm jealous LOL. I thought about going to the garage sales this weekend but the cold temps we've been having here in Louisiana helped change my mind. Pearl is such s precious little girl - so sad that people treat dogs like that.

  6. Wow until I saw your toy picture I didn't know Fisher Price was remaking all their old toys. That's kind of cool kind of not. Your radio is definitely bakelite.:)

  7. Love the chimes. I just put a large (deep toned) set outside my door. I just love the sound. It takes a rather stiff breeze to get them going so it's a treat to hear them.

  8. Love the radio, I would have wrestled you to the ground for that one. OOOhhh creepy elf.

  9. Wow - wind chimes in a convertible?! Wait until I tell my boyfriend! We're in the Boston area, and unless there is rain, snow, or driving wind, he will drive with the top down.

  10. If you do have your tea party, you have to do it on a driveway!

  11. I admire your putting out the cry for the bulldog, far too many pets are mistreated.My family and I have a policy of adopting only rescued pets.We have Molly our little 2 an half year old yorkie who thinks she runs the house, she had 3 homes before she was a year old. She had never left her carrier.She had been badly starved.I spent days sitting in front of the carrier with a handful of food encouraging her to come out. She did after sometime she came out.I tossed the carrier,and just held her in my arms.She nipped and growled but finally settled, after about a hour of being in my arms she came to know I was not going to harm her she licked my hand.I carefully reached for her head and scratched her head.She has slept at my feet ever since.

    We have Daisy a Golden lab and shepard who survived all her litter mates being shot.She still goes crazy thru thunderstorms or fire crackers, last 4th of July, we got home just alittle late(the neighbor boys were throwing snaps) she had redecorated the living room for us... poor baby. It was our fault not hers, we let her down.
    Happy named by my youngest daughter,(because the kitten made her so happy) was found in a bag in under a tire at the dump in August in Texas mind you. But after alot of IV fuilds he was ours! Now he thinks the dogs are a waste of time, that I need to be awake at 6 am no matter the day to feed him.
    Luna is my daughters personal rescue,5 yrs ago she brings in this kitten, it could not have been more then a week old. It's mother was lying died in our street she had tried to gather the 3 kittens but the other two ran off.She asked if she could keep it. I called a vet friend of mine and he said that it would not make it at that age without mom. She wanted to try,she was 15 and I could not refuse her. Well Luna is a gorgous pure white cat with baby blue eyes who thinks my daughter is mom.The cat sits at the door and crys if she is gone for more then a hour.
    Helping a pet find a good home is life changing...look what they have done to ours! I love each and everyone of them, they are all characters,most of all they are family!
    Thank you for your blog! I love reading it,frankly it has kept me laughing for so long that finally had to sign up myself! Keep writing PLEASE!


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