Monday, December 24, 2012


I was awfully surprised – and chuffed! – to find a real live sale to go to Saturday. It’s been so long…a whole month since I went to the sale where I heard the gun-running peke-a-poo story. I nearly skipped this sale, since it appeared to be an estate sale run by one of the local sale companies, most of which charge prices over my tolerance level. And when I drove by the sale address, it was in a huge senior townhouse place. But I was there, so I drove in and started trying to find unit 27. Oh. My. Goodness. How do people ever find their way home in these places? Building after building, all looking exactly alike, winding driveways – I was wondering if I’d ever find my way out again. At least I had the dogs with me (we’d just been to the dog park) so I’d have company as I wandered lonely as a cloud for the rest of my life.

Except it didn’t come to that. I got lucky and saw a hand written Estate Sale sign and homed in on 27. Apparently the lady who had lived there has moved to an assisted living place where she can have a little more help when she needs it. I can tell you she did needlework, and either bought or was given any number of needlepoint kits that were never completed or even started. She has eclectic taste in books, and listens to classical music. Her feet are small (and she had more shoes than she needed!) but her clothing was largish. After you go through an estate sale you sometimes feel like you’d recognize the person if you met them on the street.

The first thing I saw that I wanted is most likely a relic from the Fifties –


though I’d like to claim it’s an avant-garde portrait of our Zoë.

Zoe, a year later

Most of these puppies were dachshund shaped; I’ve never seen one of a sitting dog before. She’s perfect to hang out with my Thurber dog.

IMG_6489 IMG_6490

As I continued into the living room, I saw there was a very large dog present. In a moment we were getting acquainted. The couple running the estate sale had brought him along, and as we chatted I realized I had met this dog before. Sure enough, it was Ruhmer the Weimeraner/Dane mix I met last summer. 

Ruhmer's nose

Just as the first time we met, I wanted to run away with this dog. Our Edward is the world’s best boy dog, but I think Ruhmer might be a close second.

So I found one last sale for 2012, and one last dog at a sale – and I even scored one last item I’ve been watching for. There’s a little corner in the back yard that’s going to need a small table and a couple of chairs next summer. And there it was. Table is metal mesh that rain can fall through (and fall and fall) and the chairs have metal frames.


One of the chairs needs to be rewoven, but since I re-did my dining chairs I have every confidence I can do something for this one. And at ten bucks, the price was right.


Since it’s the end of the year, I’m planning my annual review of my garaging spreadsheet soon. I don’t know why I get such a kick out of seeing what I found through the year, but it’s definitely an activity that makes me happy. Of course the best thing I found exactly a year ago wasn’t at a yard sale (though Craigslist played a part) – Miss Zoë. And now I have her portrait in wire!


[One year ago today!]


  1. That wire dog is very unusual. I'm glad you found it. (Now I'm off to finish a scrapbook that I need to take with us to FL.)

  2. Oops - forgot to wish you a happy new year since I'll be away from blogs for a few weeks.

  3. What an adorable dog you have! And the wire one is perfect : )

  4. I think it's really a Dachshund! Look at those floppy ears!


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