Saturday, June 12, 2010


Every afternoon when I get home from work, my husband is very good about remembering to ask how my day was. Sometimes it's good, sometimes rather tedious. Sometimes I have to say, “It was just a day.”

That’s pretty much how this week’s garaging went…it was just a day. Picked up a few items, spoke briefly to a few people. Ran across only one dog, an Australian shepherd, and when I said hello to him, he got up and moved to another spot to lie down. Made me feel like the proverbial chopped liver—though I'm sure chopped liver would have been much more interesting to this dog than I was!

Thank heavens I met Roxy on Friday.
She was not only friendly, but quite willing to swoon at my feet!
Ran across several sales with silly prices. At one, my friendly “Having fun yet?” was met with an uber-sarcastic “Oh yeah, right.” She went on to complain bitterly that no one was buying anything. Of course when I started looking at her wares it was obvious why. I think the only things there under five dollars were those crappy plastic toys that come free with kids’ meals in fast food joints. I noticed a faded cotton jacket with a tag that said “Vintage 1980’s—$15.00.” Puh-leeze!

My next to last stop was like an estate sale. I think the mother of one of the two guys there had gone to assisted living and they were clearing out her house. They mentioned something about her having run a shop, which must have been a second-hand clothing store. There were boxes and boxes of fairly nice clothing, mostly from the 80’s, with hand-written hang tags still attached. While I was rummaging, another guy paid for something and took it to his car, then came back with a picture in his hand. “Do you guys ever go to Alaska?” he asked them. They answered no, sounding a bit puzzled. I too wondered where this was going. “I was there last summer, and I caught the third largest flounder [I think it was a flounder] of the year.” He was clearly quite proud, citing all the fish’s statistics. Evidently the picture was of this fish. He went on, “I thought I was going to win the prize for the biggest one of the season, but just two weeks before the season ended the same captain who took me out caught a hundred and thirty seven pounder. Made mine look like a trout.”

He went on without a pause to pitch his services as an antiques appraiser and said his rates are very reasonable. And off he went. The two guys seemed a bit stunned, and I admit I'm still pondering the connection of big fish and antiques.

Even a so-so day of driveway shopping adds up…in this case to $8.00. Some items I plan to give away, like this bubble stuff…
…and this brand new box with handwoven cloth on the lid (I like the price I paid better than the original)…

…and a nice tea mug with lid and insert.

I think I have a spot for this candle lantern on my patio, but if not I can give it away too.
A book to inspire me in using all my Saturday morning treasures.
A jazz CD for the hubs.
Got four of these cushions. I need something on some of our outdoor chairs. These are a little puffy, but when you sit on them they settle right down!
They’ll be fine until I find something better. The seller said they came from a seven-foot-long sofa that has gone bye-bye. I think it went to that Family Room in the sky.

And finally, I picked up a couple of sweaters after rummaging through all those boxes. I think I'll felt this one.
Plan to sell this one. There are no tags, but looks to me like wool, lined with silk, probably Fifties or Sixties. It needs a better home than a box on a driveway!

Looks like I will be missing from Blogland next weekend. We’re going to a family reunion on the Oregon coast so I'll be doing that instead of garaging. They’ll probably all wonder why I'm so twitchy on Saturday morning!


  1. Not too bad! I got a few things but nothing really special. I will blog about mine next week.

  2. Will have to look for the book at my local library!!

  3. My weekend was a bust. The one sale I went to was the twin to the crabby lady's. The only thing I thought I might want was a handpainted pot. I offered her less and she acted insulted, so I walked away. My daughter who lives 5 hrs away called to say she had gone to several garage sales and decided she foulnd pawing through other people's stuff kinda creepy. I raised her right, but whatcha gonna do? I texted her to suggest that if she started finding expensive horse gear for a song, she would find them a lot less creepy. She has not yet replied.

  4. What do you plan on doing with the one sweater once you felt it? I picked up a few wool sweaters today also, I plan on making diaper covers with them. I found one cashmere sweater I paid $1 for. It's too small, but beautiful. I've got to be able to do something with it, right?

  5. Sounds like you were having an expensive garage sales weekend too. My favorite price this weekend was $100 for a Trivial Pursuit game. ??? Like you I did find a few things myself which I posted on my blog. Roxy is so cute and that book looks like it would be great to look through.

  6. For $8 bucks you did alright! I'd love to see what you do with the felted sweater. One more thing for me to look for as I think that would be fun to try.

  7. That doggie is so darn cute! Nice scores! Weird about the fish, maybe that was his way of seeming casual and "normal" in order to get an "in" into their mother's stuff. Some antique dealers are really strange!

  8. Your post made me chuckle today. I am trying to cut back on my spending (even my thrifting!) so I am happy to live vicariously through yours. Hope next weekend treats you better!

  9. LoL I think the pricey sales are part of the Sunny Orange County atmosphere. You get it with the weather and pretty views. :D You CLEARLY didn't visit the Irvine sewing sale I came across. It was magical. I am en route to bloggying about it.

  10. love the sweater that you are going to felt with. would love to see the finished product.

    that style book looks super filled with inspiration too.

    um, the fish antique dude? really?

  11. Roxy is adorable! I took my dogs (I'll explain when I see you again) to the dog park this weekend. There was a little bully there, 6 months old, named Tofu. She was the cutest dog next to Po. When you would walk up to her she would plop down on her back, tummy up, right over your toes and wait to be scratched. The coolest thing about Tofu was she purred! I kid you not! I'm sure it was her bulldog snore but it sure sounded like a purr!


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