Saturday, May 29, 2010


It’s a holiday weekend, and the thrifting gods decided to go visit family. They left some demigods in charge today, knowing that the die-hard thrifters would be out on the trail but that we can probably get along okay on our own. The demigods did okay by me, though I was a tad disappointed that there was nary a dog nor cat nor even turtle to be seen.

The oddest thing about this morning was the lack of traffic. If you are at all familiar with Southern California, you know there are cars on the roads at all hours. So to find empty streets every time I needed to make a left turn was strange indeed. Of course some of the drivers who were out were more than a bit demented. My fave was the person I saw waiting for a green arrow in a left turn lane. Guess they got tired of waiting, because they suddenly made a right turn, directly from the left turn lane. Fortunately no one was in their line of fire.

Maybe they were hurrying off to a bank. I had conversations about people who show up with hundred dollar bills at the first two places I bought things. I think twenties are too large and get them broken as soon as I can. I'm not embarrassed to bargain for something, but you lose face if you then whip out a big bill.

We all know that low finance is more my thing. I spent ten cents at one sale this morning, and when I handed over two nickels, I told the young guy running the sale to be sure to spend it wisely. He chuckled and said he’d put it into the kids’ college fund. Good idea, I said; through the magic of compound interest you’ll have enough by then to maybe buy lunch when you go to look at a college.

We parted the best of friends.

Even with the thrifting gods away, I still managed to spend $5.35. The ten cents went for these cute envelopes:
I expect they’ll come in handy. Shoot, when you buy 8 for ten cents, you could mail a bill in them and brighten someone’s day.

Found this DVD set
and these magazines
at the same sale. Tracy Ullman and Martha Stewart seem like strange bedfellows, but a yard sale is a level playing field.

This vintage tablecloth needs a good oxy soak

but it's nice heavy cotton and looks like Fifties embroidery motifS to me.

These three little vases will come in handy for small bouquets from the yard.
The crocus bulbs are still in the box, but I'm not holding my breath that they have any life left in them. No telling how long this has been hanging around someone’s garage. But if they bloom I'll let you know.

And once again, my favorite find of the day was a toy. I foresee hours of fun ahead with this little guy.

What can I say. I'm easily amused!


  1. I like your very thrifty finds!! Love that tablecloth!!! Cute toy and very easily amused is a good thing!!

  2. What cute post! Love that tablecloth and the little frog is too much fun!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Did you do that adorable video? Oh, I wish I had techie abilities!

  4. You're so fun with all your sweet animal adventures...I love to read your blog...

  5. Hi
    just thought i would say hello - and say what a great idea to send bills in those cute envelopes!!

    Good luck with the crocus!

  6. I loved the froggy movie made me laugh and laugh. I love reading your blog you always have great finds!

  7. the table cloth looks lovely and I really like the look of the Real Simple magazine. You need to write for them lol.

  8. Great finds, that tablecloth is fantastic.

  9. Looks like a good day for you & entertaining as well. Lovely tablecloth.

  10. Great tablecloth! how do you find them???
    Trying to control my hunter-gatherer-shopper instincts this weekend and try to get a grasp on the current contents of my house.....

  11. You truly inspire me...and ditto on you writing for Real Simple. Love the frog, and showing "shim" (she/him) off via the video...priceless!

  12. Your video made me smile! I had to watch it twice. :) I really enjoy your blog!

  13. That tablecloth is too cool! Excellent find.

  14. The table cloth is great. I love Mexican themes, the donkey especially! YOur lil' froggy is super cute too, what a funny video!

  15. What a cute tablecloth with the donkey on it!

  16. Sweet siesta tablecloth! Test treat any spot that has embroidery. Some of that thread is NOT color fast! I learned the hard way!

  17. Hi there, I found you through Today's Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality, and I just love your writing style. :)

  18. Still loving reading your blog...your froggy video made my day, such cute music to go along with his talents. Keep up the great work. Have a nice week...

  19. we have the same tablecloth motiff here in Wisconsin! I remember it from the 60's, but before that I was too young. It is safely tucked away here...somewhere.
    Your video made me smile.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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