Saturday, May 22, 2010


My friend Marcia came garaging with me today and was kind enough to drive her car. This is the cool Audi convertible I've mentioned before. She was having a car conversation at one sale with another Audi enthusiast, and something was said about my convertible. The woman asked me what I have and I said a Mitsubishi. Her nose went up ever so slightly. “Oh, those are…” a tiny pause as she searched for something acceptable, “…um, cute.” She turned back to Marsh.

We didn’t buy anything there.

Remember last week I met a guy selling twenty-five cent CDs who said that iTunes has nothing on him? Well, today was major music day. Marcia really scored—she picked up 39 good CDs for $15. Jazz, country, I'm not sure what all was there. She was trying to figure out if it was a really good deal, since she can download songs to her player for a buck each. Let’s see, say a minimum of ten songs per CD…that comes out to less than four cents each. Even if she doesn’t absolutely love every track, I'd say she wins.

One of the sales with CDs also had this handsome fellow. He liked it that I knew just where to scratch on the front of his neck.
His name is Seiko. Yeah, like the watch.

He’s a watch dog.

Okay, I thought it was funny. I'm a very easy audience.

At another sale we had to keep from rolling our eyes when I asked the price on some very used purses. Twenty bucks. Okay, yes the one I was looking at was a Coach bag, but it was quite beat up. I only paid $4 for the nearly new Coach bag I carry. That was an easy sale to pass up. As we left, though, we noticed the strip of ground alongside the driveway was planted in veggies, eggplant and lettuces and cucumbers. The lady came over and gave us a little tour of her garden, clearly quite proud of it. “The radishes are already big enough to eat,” she said, pulling up a couple and handing them to us. Marcia asked if they are organic, and when the answer was yes she brushed off her radish and ate it. The woman was amazed. “Not even washed!” she said. Marcia shrugged. “I grew up in Kansas. We don’t mind a little clean dirt.”

Marcia shared some of her CDs with me.

I also spent $3.25 on my own (can’t have those $50+ blowouts every week, it would break the bank!) and brought home some DVDs.
Love the Shawshank Redemption.

And I lashed out a whole quarter on this wonderful plate. Check out that cool crackly finish.

Still has the sticker on the back, so must never have been used.

Let me leave you with my favorite ad in Craigslist this morning:
"There supposedly will be a large neighbor hood [sic] garage sale occurring in Tustin on Saturday June 5…you may find something you will enjoy."

So I'm mildly anticipating perhaps having a little bit of fun sometime in the future. Kind of hope you will too.


  1. ....the adventures of Seiko, the watch dog, with his brothers Timex & Bulova....

  2. Yeah I remember that dog Timex..."takes a ticking, keeps on licking!"

  3. I thought Seiko the watch dog was hilarious.

  4. sure can have adventures...I would'nt have bought anything there either. I really enjoy your blog adventures...and the animals...

  5. There were no animals at the thrift store today. Or any other day. I'm going to have to change venues for that.

    LOVE the dog name. LOVE it.

  6. I can't wait to read your adventures each week...they are so much fun! Love the animal photos and all your comments! Thanks for making my day!!!

  7. as always, i enjoyed tagging along with you on your junkin' adventures.

    i am constantly amused and befuddled by the craigslist ads. have even shared some in my blog too.

    i would not have bought a thing from miss nose in the air either! ha!

    oh! love seiko. great name!

  8. Those craigslist ads never cease to amuse. It's great when they take time to post an ad, then forget to include the address! :0

  9. Well it sounds like you and your friend had a fun Saturday morning. The green crackle plate is a score. I remember seeing that on the Target shelves.
    Have a great week.
    The Tattered Tassel

  10. I found a designer bag (can't remember the brand) and the seller wanted $350 for it. I said "no really, what's the price?". She had to explain how much she paid, how good it was and all I wanted was a $5.00 bag. I left without buying. I saw your link on Southern Hospitality. Feel free to leave a link on my Thrift Share Monday too.

  11. Gorgeous plate for 25 cents. And Seiko is so cute.

  12. How much fun you might have at that supposed sale!

  13. Hahah that ad is ridiculous! Maybe you should think about going in the Audi, so you can sorta run into other people who like mitsubishi's!

  14. LoL the purse bit was funny, but, where DID you get a $4 Coach bag? I again have garaging envy. Sigh.
    I don't know if you ever go on road trips, but this little town (tiny, like 10 streets) called La Conchita, I think, by Santa Barbara, has an annual yard sale. It was last weekend, and it was pretty amazing. I have yet to blog about it. 3-4-5 yard sales per every little one block street. Must research and put on Calendar for next year.


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