Sunday, March 7, 2010


“Where are you going?” my dog Edward asked Saturday morning.
“Out looking for yard sales. It's Saturday.”
“But it’s going to start raining,” he objected. He likes it when I stay home with him.
“How do you know that?”
“The fluctuations in barometric pressure make my tail wag,” Edward said. I looked at him. His tail was wagging.
“But Edward, your tail wags all the time. It doesn’t rain all the time.”
“Other things make it wag too,” he admitted. “Like food, and cats, and when you say my name—”
“—and smells, and water, and food, and toys, and scraps of paper—”
This could go on all day. He wags a lot. “Excuse me, I have to go before it starts raining.”

Edward’s tail was right. It did start raining after an hour or so, but I put the top up on my car and that made it stop. A few minutes later I stopped at a sale where a guy was looking at the sky. “Guess that was our downpour,” he said. I explained about closing the lid on my convertible and making it stop, and promised to leave it up for a while. It's the least I can do to keep the garaging fun going.

That was the sale after the one where a woman in her mid thirties held up a lacy bikini she was selling and said ruefully to her friend, “This was the teeniest bikini I ever wore. Those were the days. Four kids later and you’d never know it.”

Another sale was a whole driveway full of stuff belonging to three ladies who were neighbors. One of them kept looking around and saying, “I've got to get this organized. This is such a mess. It is driving me crazy.” Her two friends were not bothered at all (I bet she’s always saying something drives her crazy and they’ve learned to ignore her.) She kept bustling around, and we were chatting a bit, so finally I told her I go to lots of sales and hers was no messier than anyone else’s, and she didn’t need to worry about organizing it, she could just relax. She seemed a bit relieved, but started fretting about a bag of pens and pencils that someone had offered her a quarter for. So then we had the conversation about how sometimes it's better to have a quarter than to have a bag of used pens at the end of the day. This segued into a general discussion about the right way to bargain at yard sales. One of her friends, a largish lady sitting in the garage in a comfy pair of jeans and roomy purple shirt, started to laugh. “I don’t know what it is,” she said, “but we can go to a yard sale together and I'll ask how much something is and they’ll say two dollars, and then she comes up right behind me and they look at her and say here honey, you just take this.” I nodded wisely and told her I knew what it was—she just had to stop dressing so rich. She looked down at her purple shirt and cracked up.

It was a fine day for dogs (besides Edward; it's always a fine day for Edward). First there was Rocco.
He was a very well behaved Westie, and turned out he is blind. Which brought back a lot of memories, because the dog I had when we got married went blind, so we were seeing eye people for a number of years. This was Casey, our Samoyed-pointer cross.
Next I came across Oreo.
Oreo’s people were minding their sale and eating omelettes, and Oreo’s attention was fixed firmly on their plates. When she saw me taking her picture she gave a little growl, clearly telling me to back off from the eggs, they were hers.

At my final stop I met this little sweetie.
Gidget is a 14 week old Lab, and a very good girl. She is already house trained, and she lost her first baby tooth Friday. I got to hold her and we went shopping together in their garage.
It's absolutely true…happiness is a warm puppy!

I spent $7 during the morning; nearly half of it went for this extravagant buy:

Smencils. Yes, pencils that smell. Made from recycled newspapers…but packaged in individual plastic tubes. Perhaps a little unclear on the idea of saving the earth. The lady I bought them from said they were a fund raiser at her kids’ school. “I paid a dollar each, and we sold them for two dollars,” she said, but she had four buckets left and was selling them for a quarter. I asked her how much for a bucket, that I'd like to give them to my children’s librarians. Yes, I shamelessly played the children’s librarian card, and will continue to do so, it works like a charm. Plus it's true. We settled on three bucks, and she made sure I got the fullest bucket. Looks like there are about 40 of them, so at our next children’s librarians meeting I'll give at least one to everyone.

I thought these bookends were awfully cute.

They’re made of cast resin that’s covered with some kind of flocking so they really are, well, warm and fuzzy.
Haven’t decided if I'll keep them in my office for a while or give them for a door prize. Hmmm, they’re heavy enough I could use them for door stops!

I do plan to give away this belt. Figured the sea shells would make it appropriate for someone to use during our water-themed Summer Reading Program. I can see a teddy bear decked out with this as a spiffy headband.

In the realm of the practical, my husband will find a use for this box of printable postcards.

Couldn’t resist these vintage linens, from puppy Gidget’s garage. Brought home six beautiful tissue linen, hand-embroidered place mats.

Wouldn’t they be lovely stitched together for a little curtain, with sunlight streaming through? Also bought a lavender linen tablecloth, hand embroidered and beautifully hemmed…

…plus 12 matching napkins…
and 12…what the heck are these little things? They are ¼ the size of the napkins.
Too thin for coasters. For your bread plate maybe? You can see how often I set a formal table.

I bought this sweet little pin from the lady who was fretting over her messy sale.
I love the bunny painting and the dangly thingies. When I got home I went online to see if I could find out anything about the artist. Googled the name on the back, and got a hit that sounded like my pin, so I clicked on it. It was a seller’s page on Ecrater. Hmmm, I thought, that’s where my sister sells her stuff. I looked at the seller’s name. Midcentury Marilyn.

My sister.

Small world!

LATER IN THE DAY EDIT: Guess I was confusing in that last bit about my sister! She's not the artist, that is someone named Marjoleine Bastin. My sister sells vintage stuff, and she found the same pin in Oklahoma that I found in California. Sorry to have been unclear...guess just because I knew what I meant doesn't mean everyone else does! I still think it's amazing we both found the same thing!


  1. Ohh,what great fun. Thanks for taking us along with you today..I can't wait till the sales start aroun here..

  2. That is just TOO funny about the pin!

    I've given up thrift shopping for Lent. I am putting the time and money I would have spent into organizing what I already have. Which, by the way, isn't nearly as fun.

  3. Great yard sale adventure. Love the smelly pencils, lol, and you got lots of good buys. My favorite is the pin made my your sister. tooo funny! Very small world.

  4. Oh what fun! I love garage sales and flea mkts!! I am jealous-LOL! Kerrie

  5. Love the Lab and I'm laughing so hard at the Smencils.

    I popped into a couple of garage sales this weekend , and got some toys for my grandson. I wish I had been frugal when Miss Pyjamas was younger. I could have saved my self a fortune.

    Great finds this week as always.

  6. I can never wait to read your blog. We are not into the yardsale season yet and I am itching to get at it.

  7. hey there,

    the pups are adorable, the smencils are wild (but look like fun!) and i'm lovin' the lavender tablecloth w/napkins!

    but i must say, the pin made by your sister is The Story of the day ... if not the year! would be curious to know what her reaction was when you told her!

    great post. i had a very productive junking saturday, too. lotsa fun!

    terry lee

  8. I live vicariously through your blog!No yard sales here yet, but it hit 60 degrees yesterday, so can sales be far behind? The Engineer and I took a car trip up the Susquehanna and I found an adorable single glass candle holder, hand painted with pink azaleas. It was in a stone house built in 1815. I paid $2.50.

  9. It's totally amazing that you and your sister found the same thing! Love your blog!

  10. oh--p.s....Edward looks a little like a bat in this picture. A very, very cute bat! Would love to get Edward and my Katherine together. The combination of names sounds like a royal couple, doesn't it?

    Love the lilac cloth w/ all the hand work. I can see it with pink and white tulips gracing the table. The little cloths--are they too small for cocktail napkins?

  11. I just love reading your blog. I feel like I come along with you each Saturday. I should probably drag myself from my bed one of these weekends & come with you; the doggies alone would be worth it.

    It is too funny that you & your sister found the same pin!

  12. I love reading your blog! And I adored the pictures today!!

  13. Re: Your Edit: Aw, heck...I knew what you meant!

    Lovely linens! and SMENCILS??? I love it!

  14. All the dogs are so adorable! And so many treasures this trip!!

  15. All the dogs are so adorable! And, so many nice treasures.

  16. Well, what a surprise. My comments were posted twice. Sigh, so not a techy.

  17. Love your finds. I've seen other things by the same artist as your pin. Love that your sis is from here in OK. I'm an Okie too!!! Keep posting as it's as fun to see what you find as it is to shop and much cheaper for me. LOL

  18. That is really cool about your sister. I love when things like that happen. My school sells smencils and the kids all go nuts over them! kelly


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