Sunday, March 28, 2010


Back from the conference in Portland, the land of really, really good food. Srsly (as the lolcats say) I don’t think you can get bad food there. Possibly the most memorable thing I ate was at a Thai restaurant half a block from our hotel, a dish called Death by Asparagus. I asked the waiter to have them tone down the heat a bit, and if they did…all I can say is the dish is well named. Delish, but way hot! Thank heavens for the cooling properties of Thai iced tea.

Conference was fine. We gave our workshop twice, once as part of the ‘virtual conference’ and again for about 200 real live librarians. The virtual presentation felt odd, I'm not used to having an audience I can't see, who are making comments by typing them in. But the live session went very well, and having that big an audience on Saturday morning amazed us all.

I was very good and did not spend the whole session looking at my watch and thinking “I ought to be going to yard sales this very minute!”

We got our MCM credenza and hutch cleaned up and moved into my office.
Still loving it. In fact, someone in the household confessed that while I was away he came in here a few times just to slide the doors back and forth. Perfectly understandable, they are very smooth.

My orange walls do not do it justice, but it will be fine here until we eventually move it into its spiritual home, the dining room of our MCM retirement house.

I poked around on the Internet and found that the logo on the back of the credenza
is from Poul Hundevad, which was confirmed last week in the comment by Janus Home. Don’t you love researching the history of your thrifty finds on the Internet? I'll be back on the garaging trail next weekend (lord willing and the creek don’t rise, as they say). Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky again. In fact, I'd almost bet on it!


  1. I am so jealous of your credenza that I could spit nails! Very very good find. And that is good news about the food in Portland, I've never been, but just found out I've been accepted to go to a conference there in July!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good trip. Love that credenza!

  3. I LOOOOVE the credenza! We had furniture like that when I was young. Come to think, my 88 yr old dad still has a blonde mahogany dresser in his bedroom.

    I had a couple of finds I posted about recently, too, if you'd care to drop by.

  4. Welcome home!! The C looks wonderful!!

  5. How wonderful that you actually were able to find out where your fab hutch came from. Yes the internet is a wonderful place of information.
    Good luck hunting!

  6. Welcome back. Missed you last Saturday.

    I did some garage sales in your homour Saturday , but found diddly squat worth writing about and didn't see a single dog!

  7. I love that credenza! It's going to look great in your new home. Will you be able to go garaging in the winter there? I sure do hope so cause I'll not only have withdrawel from not being able to junk here, but will also miss your garaging entires when I can't. I live vicariously in the winter through your blog. lol. Thanks for visiting junkblossoms. Pat.

  8. Danish furniture makes my heart flutter. So delicious.


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