Saturday, July 11, 2009


I think everyone expected today to be blazingly hot and wussed out of having their yard sales. The pickings were plum pitiful! I'm awfully glad I didn’t rush to get to the one neighborhood sales advertised on Craigslist. Pulled into the tract and on the first street passed one little boy selling a few toys he had laid out on a TV tray, then around the corner found three houses in a row with sales. As I pulled over to park I heard a shout of, “Mouse Lady!” and there was Nancy, the garager I wrote about back in September (where you can find out why she called me Mouse Lady).

I felt a tad disoriented because I was sure this was not the address where I'd seen her the last time she had a sale. But right away I found out why. “My husband got laid off and our house got flooded—all on the same day,” she told me. Now that was a rough day. “We’re staying here with some friends while the house gets fixed.” The entire downstairs must have mold removed and new drywall. Sounds awful—as does the unemployment.

I also saw another Saturday morning regular whose name I don’t know. She had a hip replaced in June and this was her first day back on the trail. She looked great and said the surgery and recovery had gone very well.

I’ve just decided I have no problems in my life! Secure job, pretty darned good health, nice husband, green convertible, sweet pets. And a delicious dinner in a little while of green beans we actually grew (we’re so proud of ourselves!).

Speaking of the sweet pets…I had to bite my tongue this morning to keep from saying something rude. I was chatting with a couple of guys at their sale about dogs—they had three generations of Golden retrievers hanging out in their garage. Chloe is 11…
…her daughter Jasmine is about 9…
…and Jasmine’s son Andy is 6.
I mentioned that both my dogs are mixes, and that Edward is a Springer/Rottweiler/shepherd mix, which I can never say with a straight face. Sounds like it could be awful, but Edward is a fabbo dog.
And it's okay for me to chuckle over his hybrid parentage, but this guy started going on about what a shame he’s not a purebred Springer. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Springers, but you couldn’t find a better dog than Edward—and he has none of the genetic problems that many breeds display. But I just gave their dogs a final pat and headed off before I said something unbecoming to a Queen—even if my kingdom is only Fifty Cents!

BTW, our Lizzie asks me to thank everyone for their good wishes after her recent surgery, and to let you know that the growth they removed from her mouth was benign. Whew!!
I spent a whopping $3.10 today and brought home:

A Smith & Hawken denim skirt, which I will probably shorten from the waist, as it currently drags the ground.
Still has its embossed hang tag, so must not have been worn. I went to their website when I got home to see how much it would have retailed for, and discovered they have just announced that all their stores will close by the end of the year. No more Smith & Hawken.

Coldwater Creek floral jacket of linen and rayon.

Glass snowman to display at Christmas. Thought it would look cool with a candle inside, but candles need air to burn. I'll have to watch out for some of those little LED candles.

And lastly, a bag of freshly picked lemons. Sorry, no picture, they’re in the fridge! The lady seemed very concerned that I get the fullest bag. I used one on angelhair pasta for lunch and it was so juicy and good!

Didn’t find this at a sale, but my thriftiest treasure of the day arrived in the mail. A couple of weeks ago I ran across an announcement that Glidden was giving away free paint, and I hurried to their website and asked for one.
IIt arrived today, a whole quart of interior latex. No idea what I'll do with it, but surely something will just beg to be painted robin’s egg blue someday soon!


  1. sounds like one of those days you end up making lemonade!! nice skirt!

  2. I'm so happy Lizzie is ok! and the whole purebred thing with dogs is annoying to me...all that matters to me with a dog is that the dog has a good personality with heart! :-)

  3. Oooh I want free paint! I went through two cans of spray paint today! Painting is my new fav!

    I like the little snowman..I'm starting to gather Christmas decorations because it will be me and my husbands first Christmas together and we have pretty much nothing!

    I like the jacket, very nice!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I really enjoy your weekly posts!

  4. Well, my hubby says..."Somedays it don't even pay the bank to open." I tried in vain to find a garage sale today, no such luck!!! Wimps!
    Just kidding...LOL I always enjoy your posts.

  5. boo hoo! No more Smith and Hawkins! They are in the town next to mine where they took an old car repair shop and converted it to the cutest store where in the summer they could slide open the front to the open air. What is going to happen to this adorable building? Nothing anytime soon, i'm afraid.

  6. Sales are down around here because of the heat also. Good news on Lizzie.

  7. Wow ! I say you got some great stuff. I love the Coldwater Creek jacket .....I love the family of retrievers - so sweet !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. As always, you found some awesome things! So...are you making lemonade as well?? Know what you mean about the prebreds...all my dogs have been of mixed or uncertain parentage, and they have all been fabulous dogs. I would never pay mega bucks for a purebred anything when there are so many worthy animals literally dying for a good home! Okay...I'll get down off my soapbox now....Happy Sunday! *elaine*

  9. Love the treasures! Good deals! And I enjoyed reading your post. Yes! to the doggies who are mixed breeds. The "pures" are great, and the mixes are Great! I worked in Rescue for over 3 years, so I heard it all. All of my dogs are mixes and rescues, and they are Just AWESOME!
    Love them to pieces! Even purebreeds (MANY) end up in Rescue and need to be adopted into a GOOD forever home.... :-)
    Thanks for the post!

  10. Great finds, but I always enjoy your stories more! Glad everything turned out ok with Lizzie!

  11. Don't you just love how you get to "know" other garage sale attendees and have no idea their names? I have several GS friends and see them around town--we have an instant connection. We were at an estate sale yesterday and one lady stopped and asked, "when are you having another garage sale"? She said she always love coming to my sales--well why not, right?
    Love your posts, drop over my way anytime!

  12. The snow man is adorable.I also signed up for the Gildden paint I hope it comes soon.

  13. Another fun day for you! You always have great stories. I ordered my free Glidden paint too, in black. Can always use that.

  14. I love Coldwater Creek clothes, great find! Please give Edward and Lizzie a belly rub from me.

  15. Great finds!

    I would have had a very difficult time holding my tongue when the guy was talking about mixes. Mixes are just as good (and sometimes better...less chances of diseases and heredity problems) than pure breeds. I love both though, but always get so irritated when people think mixes are not worth it. Every mix I've had has been better health wise and behavior wise than my pure breeds. :) Love the animal pics, those are always fun to see!

  16. It looks like you got some great deals!!! I would have had a hard time not responding to that guy. Mutts are every bit as good (if not better, many times) than a purebred. Your Edward is gorgeous and I bet he is a sweetie!

  17. Love the pictures of the doggies! And I enjoyed reading your posts. I'm sorry for the GS friend who is going through a hard time; hope things get better soon. Thanks for sharing and hope you stop by for a visit!

  18. Oh I got my free paint too, now I'm a little sad I didn't pick robins egg now...I got bittersweet chocolate. Maybe I was having a craving..


  19. I just got led tea lights at the Dollar Tree to use in paper bags I put out for 4th of July with hand punched star cut outs. You get 2 for a $1...happy hunting.

  20. Love your finds and love that little snowman! I too got the free paint and I can't believe how big the sample was, I figured it would be itty bitty! Was so excited!

  21. I love the dog stories! We have a mama & baby golden + 1 mutt. All dogs are equal in my eyes...pedigree or not, I love them! Glad your Lizzie is ok.

  22. Wonderful finds! That paint was a great freebie. I haven't received mine yet, but my daughter got hers.

  23. I know what you mean about the 'pure bred' thing, was is up with that? Both our dogs are mixes and they are the most gorgeous, loving, loyal dogs I have ever had...there are SO many dogs in need of forever homes and just because some may not be 'pure-bred' doesn't mean they don't deserve a wonderful life as well...ugh!!


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