Friday, July 24, 2009


My sister has started to blog! She’s putting together tours of some of the vintage items she has to sell, very fun stuff. Stop by—you remember what it was like when you first started your blog! And tell her I said hello. She’s over at Midcentury Marilyn.

Hey, remember that cute vintage tablecloth I picked up last Saturday, the one with all the stains?
I soaked it all week in oxy cleaner stuff. Took it out this morning, and all the spots were gone! Woo hoo! It's even cuter now that it's clean.
Turn out there’s even some pale pink in the design, which I had no idea was there.
What period do you think? Late fifties, early sixties maybe?

And here’s the maiden voyage for the mini-bundt pans I found Saturday. I concocted some little almond-raspberry cakes this morning. Turned out not half bad.

Last evening we were out in the back yard, strolling and admiring our handiwork. Well, my husband’s handiwork, it's 95% him. However, I can claim to have stuck the starts of these coleuses (colei?) into yard sale pots and arranged them around the little wooden bench I bought last summer for a couple of bucks. The coleus with the lime green edge is from a plant I bought up in Oregon, but all of the other is from a few sprigs a lady gave me at her yard sale 4 or 5 years ago. I sprout new starts every spring. I think you could call it an enthusiastic plant.


  1. the tablecloth is even cuter clean :-) I'm headed over to read your sister's blog!

  2. I love the tablecloth! What a find!! :)

  3. I have a vintage tablecloth with a similar problem and my usually effective Tide was no match for oldie stains. I will run to Wally World today and get some Oxy Clean. The little bundt cakes were too cute and looked VERY yummy!!

  4. Wow - your oxy stuff sounds fantastic. I have a number of finds which could do with that! What is it, exactly? I wonder if I could find it in France?

  5. Coleus is my favorite blooms to deadhead and pretty from the get-go. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think the tablecloth is fifties, and I also think it would look great in my blue kitchen! Thanks for the plug and thanks to all your followers who have come by.


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