Friday, August 6, 2021


Today I'm turning seventy and start a decade new.

I've spent a lifetime learning all the things I should not do.

Do not enter, do not exit, and do not watch the clock.

Do not think that you know best nor wear a shoe without a sock.


You must eat what you are given and always clean your plate.

Never be conspicuous and don't let yourself be late.

Leave those cookies on the shelf, do not put them in your cart.

Never belch in public and for god’s sake never fart.


Don't be loud, don't be messy, never let them see you cry,

Don't be nosy or too cosy, and don't be asking why.

You must not cuss in public, no that would never do

For you will shock the young folks if your language is too blue.


You must be seen as busy or they will call you lazy

Don't talk out loud to only you or they will call you crazy.

Don't drive faster than the sign says but it's worse to drive too slow

Don't be silly and don't giggle, it's not dignified you know.


Don't be boastful, don't be petty, never cut in line,

Don't interrupt, don't talk too much, don't dribble when you dine.

You must really never do this, and that is really awful.

And you’re way too old for cannabis even though it now is lawful.


Don't forget to ask permission. No running in the hall!

Yes, today I'm turning seventy…and I plan to do them all.



  1. Happy Birthday have fun it sounds like you are going to be busy doing them all.

  2. Happy birthday. I'm glad you figured life out and I hope you throw most of those rules away!!

  3. Happy birthday! Thank you for all of your inspiration, humor and optimism. You inspire me

  4. Happy Birthday to You!!!I'll be turning 65 in about two weeks. That's a milestone, too! Enjoy your day!

  5. Happy birthday, Queen. I've followed you for years and my day is made better when you post. I love your poem and will share with all my old friends.

  6. Happy birthday and many more

  7. Belated happy birthday wishes. Have a glorious year.

  8. Happy, happy #70 birthday! Your poem is inspired and hilarious. I hope you had a wonderful day and a fabulous year. Blessings, Shirley

  9. Happy Birthday! I'm 75 this year and your poem rings so true. Thanks for posting. A Willamette grad (class of '68)

  10. Happy Birthday! What a great poem. I think I'll save it a few years for when I am seventy

    1. Hey, you could get a head start, doing all those don't's!


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