Monday, March 9, 2020

Slim Pickings!

Every weekend I keep thinking that sales will start to pick up.

So far, I've been wrong!

I went to two estate sales on Friday. At the first, I picked up a large Silpat (silicone baking sheet) for a buck, because my ex had recently asked me to keep an eye out for one. This is one of those items I almost never see at sales, so I was amazed to run across one only days after we talked about it. For another fifty cents, I scored a woven basket.

 I've been looking for a wastebasket for my garage near the washer and dryer. For almost two years now I've thrown away lint from the dyer into an old paper grocery bag. 

I'm thrilled to finally upgrade to something so much nicer! This classic basket is beautifully made of split bamboo. My lint is going to feel so upscale from now on!

 Found nothing at the second sale, but had a nice chat with the ladies running it. They were the same folks who ran that once-in-a-lifetime sale three years ago where I got all the cashmeres. (Not surprisingly, I was actually wearing a cashmere sweater and a cashmere muffler from that sale on Friday.) There was so much stuff the sale ran for two weekends (and they said there was still a ton left at the end). The first weekend I spent $48 and brought home 55 items, including a Pendleton blanket that I sold on eBay for quite a lot more than I paid. (For everything, not just the blanket!) The second weekend (when prices were marked to half) I spent another $40 for 75 items, including more cashmere sweaters and several pairs of Pendleton wool slacks. It was so nice to be able to tell the ladies who ran that sale how much it meant to me and my posse. In fact, we get together every year to toast the lady whose things they were. She has come to feel like a favorite aunt whom we still miss, but so appreciate what she left us!

Last weekend I drove up to Seattle to attend the Northwest Garden Show. Lots of gorgeous stuff to see and lots and lots of people (“masses of asses” as KK so succinctly puts it). There was wonderful eye candy but the prices were not tempting. In fact, my only souvenir of the trip was a little cashmere cardigan I found at the Goodwill bins in Olympia, which are conveniently located just off the freeway. This is where they sell leftovers by the pound; the only thing my rummaging turned up that I liked was this sweater - which cost a measly 59. It was quite small, but no matter – I cut off the sleeves to make arm warmers (which I call ‘sleevie wonders’),

and the body of the sweater became a long pair of bed socks.

Just the kind of travel souvenirs I like – warm, soft and thrifty!


  1. That basket is well-crafted and was probably expensive. When my children were young, I sold my son's like-new tennis outfits and one woman bought lots of his clothes. She came back to everyone one it had, probably three times a year, and bought more clothing for her son. The last time they came she said he was in the car and embarrassed because he was wearing clothes from my son. I told her some of those clothes came from yard sales. I love a good sale and one that repeats.

  2. I am making a braided rug big enough for a small room. So any wool clothing I can find for a good price is a gift.


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