Friday, October 25, 2019

Stepping Out

The ads on Craigslist for today’s sales were less than enticing. Which seems a bit odd, since the weather is terrific (chilly but sunny) and it's near the end of the month (which can trigger moving sales). But as I looked at the pictures of the offerings, I decided they were N.W.P.O.B. (you know: Not Worth Putting On a Bra). So I’m staying home and enjoying my thrifted Halloween décor 

and looking at an upcycled pair of shoes I completed recently.

You may recall I found several pairs of shoes for a buck each not long ago. When I got them home, I realized the Dansko oxfords were a bit worse for the wear. 

Probably worth a dollar, but definitely used. Some stitching was coming undone and I considered taking them to a shoe repair place. But I really couldn’t justify the cost. It's not like I don't have umpty other pairs of shoes and I can only wear one pair at a time. I could either let them go, or wear them coming apart (which looks pretty sloppy, though for shoes I wear to the dog park that’s not a big issue), or do something playful with them.

So yeah, I opted for playful!

Had a lot of fun going through my fabric stash and picking out possibilities, then deciding what would work where. 

I glued them on with Mod Podge for fabric, then gave them a couple of coats of polyurethane leftover from another project.

And I bet you can guess where I wore them the first time. Yup – wore them to go garaging a couple of weeks ago!


  1. It's actually the 2nd time I've done this. The other pair used origami paper - not as sturdy as fabric!

  2. Oh, I'm gonna do this when I find the right pair. I always admire floral shoes, but I am rawther thrifty so I usually pass them up. But THIS opens a lot of possibilities.

    1. There are a LOT of shoes out there in thrift land, I know you'll find some soon. The first pair I did a few years ago came from a free box.

  3. Happy to see you are out and about. I enjoy your Blog very much. I too love Yard Sales. Very cold with snow here in Michigan already. No sales in winter time but do have Christian Mission Re Sale Store with very good low prices on clean items. Have a good winter! Jody in Michigan


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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