Sunday, July 7, 2019


I'd say it was a quiet holiday weekend…but the 4th of July isn’t quiet, is it? My poor Zoë is one of the zillion dogs driven to distraction by the noise of fireworks (also thunder and anything else loud and sudden). I hope it's going to end soon; we haven’t had a whole night’s sleep for a week.

I was on my own again Friday and headed out with low expectations, although I had my grocery list so I knew the morning wouldn’t be a complete waste. But the first sale I stopped at yielded some great deals and a fun story. I knew they were on my wavelength when I saw the price of this 6 ounce Pyrex custard cup.

Then my attention was caught by a bunch of things made out of spoons, and I started hearing the story of The Spoon Man. The guy having the sale used to have a photography studio in downtown Salem, and he did the photo shoots for their catalog. Seems that the Spoon Man started his craft business back in the early 70s, selling at craft fairs including Portland’s Saturday Market. I understand they there sell to this day. He grew it into a mail order business, and they still have a website (you too can have some spoonery!). At some point a teenage boy started working for him, and eventually bought the business and has kept it going. I think that’s kind of amazing – you get a part time job as a teen making things out of spoons and it becomes your life’s work!

My first selection was this bunny pin, 

then I also picked up a spoon kitty

and a spoon boy. 

And a spoon kitty keyring. 

And these cute elephant earrings. 

And then I heard the tinkling sound of spoon wind chimes, and picked out this set.

But the piece de resistance was the spoon mask. 

I’m going to hang it on the wall in a handy spot in case I ever want to wear it. Hmmm, I have an appointment tomorrow for an eye exam, maybe I should wear it there? “Hey, doc, have my eyes changed very much since I was last here?"

I managed to resist the head pieces – with difficulty!

That’s quite a few spoon things to bring home, but my visit to their sale set me back all of three bucks. I refuse to feel guilty!

I went on to three or four other sales, and picked up a piece of original art for another dollar.

Heading back to my car I spotted their free-stuff box by the gate, and liberated this very nice canvas bag. Salem is now a BYO shopping bag city, so these come in handy. 

This one even has my initial embroidered on it! All it needs is a good washing, and if it should shrink or something my groceries won't mind a bit.


  1. I love the spoon art and your spoon artsy glasses are all that!!

    Great finds!

    Lisa @Happy Girl Thrift

  2. I LOVE your posts. Vicarious pleasure for sure. The spoon jewelry looks great to this restaurant critic/food writer who has a few artworks relating to food, including a wind chime made from knives, forks, and spoons (gifted from a friend rather than picked up on a driveway!) And even though it looks like they let me comment as MEREDITH BRODY, it somehow comes out ANONYMOUSLY!

  3. ps: Your pins on the website run between $11 -- $14. You got some REAL bargains! (MEREDITH again!)

    1. Ooooh, these would be perfect for a restaurant critic! You should also check out the ridiculous headgear, like the tongs or pancake turner that appears to go through your head. I think even their retail prices are pretty reasonable, but yes, my deal was FABBO!

      And hey, when silly old Blogger says Unknown - I now know it's YOU!

    2. Well, I'm a BIG FAN -- and as Groucho said, "If it gets any hotter -- I could USE a big fan!"

  4. The spoon art is awesome. I would not have been able to resist the mask either.

    1. It looks great on my kitchen wall! (Spoons belong in the kitchen, right?)


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