Sunday, November 4, 2018

To the Bins…and Beyond!

I haven’t been very assiduous about posting, but never fear, the thrifting continues!

The very next day after my last post about all the art I’m finding, I checked Craigslist and saw that the Episcopalian Church’s rummage sale was happening that day. (They start theirs on Thursday, then on Friday afternoon prices go to half, and on Saturday you can stuff a bag for five bucks.) I didn’t find much, I think a scarf and a kitchen doodad, but as I headed for the line to pay, I noticed that they had art propped up behind the tables of their “special” items – nicer things with higher prices. And there was a picture there that caught my eye, colorful windswept trees on a hillside. Sure enough, the handwritten label proclaimed it to be an original, but the price was $20. 

Not a whole lot for an original piece of art, but I had already spent so much in October I was really hesitant. When paid for my other things (a whole dollar!) I asked if they reduced prices at any point and they explained their system. I said I'd try to come back Friday afternoon and see if the picture I wanted was still there. 

One of the two ladies perked up and asked which picture. I pointed and described, and she beamed. It was a piece she had donated. I told her how much I liked it but that I was watching my pennies. She turned to the other lady, whose name tag proclaimed her to be Carol. “Couldn’t we let her have it for half today?” she asked.

Carol pursed her lips and shook her head. “If we do that,” she proclaimed, “we would have to do it for everyone.”

I've heard this line before, and it always annoys me, but I kept smiling. “No you wouldn’t. I'm not going to tell anyone, and I know you wouldn’t either.”

Joyce, the one who donated the picture, smothered a smile. “Maybe we could put it back for her until tomorrow.” Carol shook her head again. “We’ve never done that before.”

“Carol,” I said, still smiling, “why don’t you go take a little walk while Joyce and I talk?”

Carol hemmed and hawed a bit, but before long she turned away, and Joyce and I walked over to the picture. She told me she bought it from a local artist in Hood River and that it’s a cherry orchard (fruit is the big industry up there). She had it framed after she bought it, and she was really hoping that someone would fall in love with it when she donated it. I assured her I was that person, ten dollars quietly changed hands, and off I went. She seemed just as happy that it found the right home as I was to have it. I did a little rearranging and had it hung in my living room within half an hour of arriving home.

This is no amateur piece like some of the others (though I love them too!). 

The artist, Sally Bills Bailey, has apparently won lots of awards for her watercolors and acrylics. I found three of her works online with sales prices in the $1200 to $1800 range – and those are unframed. So I got an amazing bargain, but no one could love it more than I do!

You know how when something lucky happens people will say you should go buy that lottery ticket? Well, I think that’s the perfect time to keep thrifting – you’re far more likely to ‘win’ than with the lottery!

A few days later KK and I made a foray to the Goodwill bins, where I found a couple of beautifully made wooden toys. I knew exactly the person who would love them, my friend Lonna’s brother Jeff collects (among other things) wooden trains and cars etc. Sure enough, he loved them!

And wouldn’t you know, the next time we hit the bins I spotted something else I knew he would love for his Mickey Mouse collection – a vintage Mickey backscratcher.

He has hundreds of Mickey items, but didn’t have a backscratcher. He does now!

In between those two trips to the bins, we happened on a pretty good estate sale over near my old house. (In the really posh part of the neighborhood.) On Friday all I got was this metal bunny; 

it had lost its rod that stuck into the ground, but I like it on the wall.

KK and I went back on Saturday. Way fewer people crowded into the house, and still lots of interesting stuff to see. I walked off with some metal shelving for my garage (too boring to take a picture of, and now it’s full of things like paint cans.) More interesting is the adorable bunny hose holder – the paint is flaking off a bit, but I've got a can of copper metallic spray paint that will make it really spiffy.

My other find was a king size down comforter for five bucks. (Picture a large white poofy thing.) I knew I needed a duvet cover for it (white bed coverings and dogs are not a good combo!) so that was our excuse for the second trip to the bins. Where I found an Eddie Bauer king-size duvet cover in a dark red damask. LOVE! It washed beautifully, and is big enough on my queen size bed to hang down to the dust ruffle. 

Me and the girls are cozy at night, let me tell you!


  1. Beautiful painting,lovely colours. Alison.

    1. Sometimes I wish that color was edible!!

    2. I love the duck on the bicycle. You inspired me to look for a picture for my headboard.

  2. I have lots of original art from thrifts and sales I am sure none of it worth a lot but I love it all.

  3. I love the painting! I'm so glad you got it for $10. At our church rummage sale I would reduce some high end things for those who loved them, but I was in charge of those items so didn't have to ask! LOL!! I dream of a Goodwill Bins trip someday!

    1. I want to come to a sale where you are in charge, that would be the best!

  4. Dang! I used to have a mickey mouse back scratcher and got rid of it a few years ago. never thought of things becoming vintage back then.

  5. I love all the things you find. So fun to go on these treasure hunts with you.

    1. We do have an awfully good time...and find some awfully fun stuff!

  6. Missing your posts! I hope all is well.

    1. I'm fine, just busy and not very many sales this time of year!

  7. Hi! Where are you? Missing your blogs


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