Monday, July 2, 2018

The Thing with Feathers

I've been thinking about hope, and all kinds of things that are inherently hopeful. Like planting things, especially seeds but really anything you stick in the ground so that it can grow. Don’t you think planting a tree is one of the most hopeful things a person can do? My grandfather planted this one about 70 years ago. 

Yes, that little house is where I spent my first six years. The small window on the back is by a stairway where I would sit and watch trains go over a trestle a few blocks away.

I splurged a bit on Friday on another piece of hope. A bicycle! I think bikes definitely fall into the hopeful category. Will you really take those rides that you are imagining?

I haven’t owned a bike for several years but recently decided I should get one again. Bikes were such a symbol of freedom when we were growing up. We would jump on our bikes and be gone for hours, and no one fretted as long as we were home by dinnertime. When I test-drove this one I was a little wobbly at first, but riding a bike is truly one of those skills you learn for a lifetime.

I love this one. It's definitely an old lady bike! It's designed so that you can put your feet on the ground when you stop, and the seat is way more comfy than the hard leather one on my old ten speed. 

And it has a wicker basket – perfect. I can hardly wait to ride it to the library, but I have to get a lock first. Something we didn’t worry about as kids!

Of course thrifting itself is an act of hope. We happened upon a large neighborhood sale on Friday and had a blast roaming the streets and finding bargains. Besides the bike, I came home with a pair of Ecco shoes for a dollar (that brand seems to retail around $150) 

and a cute pair of socks to go with them. 

Fifty cents purchased a never-been-opened switchplate cover. 

The seller told me she had bought it when her grandson was born, and he’s now ten years old, so she figures this is never going to be put up in his room! Now it's finally fulfilling its destiny in my kitchen.

I was really surprised to find this beaded dragonfly coin purse for fifty cents. It's just like one I found last August and made into a necklace.

The most exciting thing I found was actually free. I can't believe some dealer didn’t spot it. A Sixties Lightolier chandelier designed by Gaetano Sciolari. 

The lady told me when they took it down (why?? It’s gorgeous!!) the wire got cut a bit short, but hey, wire can be spliced or replaced. From the layer of dirt on the light bulbs I'd say this has been sitting around in a garage for years getting in the way…waiting for me!

There are a few of these for sale on antiques sites and Etsy, with prices ranging from $1420 to $1850.  Zowie! I can hardly wait to get it installed, 

replacing this puppy, which I'm sure any number of people would like…but I don’t.

This is probably the best free thing I've ever picked up at a sale. I hope the sales you find are just as good to you!


  1. That light is gorgeous. Be sure to show us a photo when it's installed. Oh I love that dragonfly purse! You go girl. Ride that bike!!

  2. That light is the find of a lifetime!

    1. I still can't believe it. It was late in the morning when I found it too. Support for my belief that things make themselves invisible until the person destined to have them appears.

  3. So very glad to see you are back posting and thrifting!

  4. Brava on the beautiful fixture! I think that's what I love most about garage sales; a world where someone is asking you to pay money for some crappy thing mass-produced in China, then letting that beautiful thing go for free.

    1. I sometimes think what a crazy hobby this is, to get so excited over someone else's cast off. Then you find something amazing and remember why you do it - not to mention all the interesting people you meet along the way.


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