Monday, March 19, 2018

Funny Little People

I sometimes wonder if I have the only Funny Little People collection in the world. Given the billions on the planet, perhaps not – but I've never heard of another! And if the denizens of my collection are not completely unique, they are certainly unusual. Including the new additions from the past Friday’s outing. Only two sales to attend, but both yielded treasure.

The first sale had to be one of those occasions where things make themselves invisible until the person comes along who is supposed to have them. I don’t think there’s any other explanation for these still being there, and on a kitchen counter to boot. Pinocchio acrobat? Check. 

Tiny wooden bunny and mushroom on a cart? Check.

Vintage dog (at least I think it's a dog!) push puppet? Check. 

Then there’s the other push puppet (both of these are from Italy) – girl with a funny hat, painted pearls around her neck, 

striped stockings and apron, all in Italian national colors

…and she’s holding a bucket and an umbrella. (Is there some traditional Italian story that goes with this character?) 

You’d think she would just have to be the most unusual character in the lot, right? But I think this guy with his lute might just take the prize—

because he’s a napkin ring!

You can imagine how someone like me, who loves vintage and wooden toys and whimsy (and bargains) practically danced out of that house!

So I was a happy camper as we headed to the second sale, which was run by one of the local companies that always takes a zillion pictures. KK and I had both spotted items we wanted to try for, which we knew would be in the yard. We made a beeline for the patio doors when we got there, but alas, her sundial and my hedgehog were already gone. Still there though was a potted honeysuckle with a small tuteur in the pot, so I picked that up, as well as  a couple of the round grow-through plant supports I need more of. 

There was a pair of these cool metal frogs, so we each got one. I love the way they are made.

He looks especially handsome on the garden wall.

Then KK found this wonderful round bunny in another pot, which I couldn’t resist. 

And though I'm not usually an admirer of fish (I find real ones intimidating) I love this yard-art trio. Can't wait to see them leaping above a sea of ornamental grasses. 

A few minutes later this adorable porcelain mouse found her way into my hand and heart.

I just love her, she looks midcentury modern to me. Perhaps she reminds me of vintage teak mice I've seen.

Lest you think I was carried away by all the cuteness, I must also report a practical buy that made me nearly as happy as the mouse. We’ve been cleaning out our basement storeroom and my husband was planning to head to a big box store soon to buy one of those Rubbermaid garden sheds to hold all the yard tools. And there it was, the exact one he was planning to buy. I didn’t even blink at the $35 price tag, especially after I got home and looked up the price of a new one. Which was $200. Now that’s a nice discount!

So the garden shed is now at home down in the garden, the funny little people are among their cohorts, 

and the bunnies 

and the dog 

are in their respective collections. And to all a good night!


  1. I love the funny little people. I too am so drawn to little funny, quirky things. I love all the outdoor items you bought. The mouse is my favorite! Good find on the garden shed!

  2. Think your little dog might be a bear!

    1. He could be! I'll let him spend part of his time with the dog collection, and part with the bears, and see if anything happens...

  3. I love your yard saling adventures!

  4. What a great day for found estate sale treasures!

    1. All the years I've done this, and I'm still amazed by what is waiting for me out there!

  5. Hi there! I love that frog! I actually posted. I've missed you! I love your collection. I would have been drawn to the mouse as well .

    1. Hey, long time! I'll head over to your blog. The mouse is right here on my desk keeping me company.

  6. Your wooden treasures delight me!

  7. Good memories! My aunt and uncle had a collection of the various finger and push puppets. Use to love playing with those as a kid. Nice memories. I am happy I am here. HUGS


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