Monday, October 9, 2017

A Dash of Whimsy

I was feeling tired and a bit out of sorts Thursday evening. Didn’t much want to go garaging on Friday. (I know – me, of all people!) I should know by now that whenever I feel that way, it just about always means I'll have one of the best days ever. I'm not sure if the Garage Sale Gods panic when I exhibit any reluctance (“who will take home all this stuff we have planned for her??”) or just want to prove me wrong. I ended up being quite glad we went out to see what we could see.

A lot of what we saw was…socks! First there was the pair of whimsical Millie socks at the nurse’s sale (the only yard sale ever where I could have bought suturing material…), 

and then the whimsical doggie socks at the senior center rummage sale

(schnauzer socks! corgi socks! and the brown pair on the right above, that looks like our Zoe!) and more. Picked up 9 pairs in all for a whopping $2.50. Now THAT is the way to buy socks!

There were two estate sales, both fairly close to home. The one that started at noon had nothing I wanted, but I loved the house and its yard. The pond in the back yard had koi among the water lilies.

See that big gold fish swimming away? A moment before it was swimming toward me, and when a fish that size and color is headed your way, you know you’ve been swum at!

The other estate sale was crowded when we were there first thing. KK and I both found stuff, and decided to come back later when things had thinned out a bit. (Her $4 raincoat that retails for almost $300 might have been a bit of an incentive to take another look.)

There was even more whimsy at this sale. On the first pass through I picked up this cutie for a dollar.

It was the eyelashes that did it.

Then I found this guy. Reminds me of a Nicol Sayre snowman I got a few years ago.

It's actually a box. 

KK spotted this kitty rug. They had a number of April Cornell tablecloths, and I'm wondering if this is from the same company.

In the kitchen, I grabbed a set of silicone lily pad lids as soon as I spied them. 

I've been wanting to try some, but not at store prices. These were two bucks for the whole set (KK got the 2 small ones that fit on a cup), versus about $50 on Amazon. Besides…lily pads! Whimsy in the kitchen!

Iin a box of kitchen gadgets I spied a little scoop (it's actually a coffee scoop) just about the size I've been looking for to use in a particular kitchen container. Fifty cents.

Turns out it's pewter and retails for $19. I get to be classy and cheap all at once!

All in all, we figured this sale would be worth a second look. Which is when I found a heavy mid-size skillet with a lid (no picture, but I'm sure you can imagine exactly what it looks like). And this guy. I've doubled my Halloween décor.

And then we found the big box of socks at a quarter each. Cashmere socks!

Floral socks!

Socks rock!


  1. If I'm not mistaken, your kitty rug is by Claire Murray. One of my favorite designers. I'm envious.

  2. Love the kitty socks! Those lily pad lids are cute as can be! Love yard sales!

  3. Love the kittie rug! You got a wonderful haul, especially in the sock department!

  4. I've seen this rug before. I thought it was in a Garnet Hill catalog but when you Google it, you see it's say from Orvis. Either way I think you got a goods deal.

    1. It's even better in person! I wonder how much the one on Worthpoint sold for...

  5. Love reading about you and KK and your bargains you discover. Here in England garage sales aren't very common. Instead car boot ( trunk)sales are very popular,usually on a Sunday morning held on a local playing field. You pay a fee to the charity running it then set up your stall with the unwanted goods you've brought along and keep what you make. It is very addictive!
    Keep up the good work, I love hearing about the cashmere!

  6. Thanks Alison! ONe of these days I'm going to get to England, and one of the first things I want to do is go to some car boot sales!


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