Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hot Fun

I was awfully glad for that church rummage sale on Thursday, since their air conditioning was working and mine was not (hottest week of the year, of course). The dentist’s office where I had to go after the sale was also air conditioned but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. Plus they took a LOT more money away from me than the church did, and my new filling isn’t nearly as interesting as my rummaging finds. 

The very first thing that went into my bag was pretty amazing, especially for $4: a 100% silk duvet cover.

Hand painted – see how the motifs go over the seams?

Bought two of these throw rugs for a quarter each. Zoƫ likes them.

Almost all the clothing was fifty cents, so I brought home a couple of linen shirts, some cashmere and merino for winter crafting, and a wonderful hand-spun, hand-woven silk scarf.

Cute earrings, another fifty cents.

Ditto the spring-green china bunny,

who now resides among the petunias.

Of course I had to bring home some yarn. Chatted with another gray haired lady with a lovely English accent over the yarn table about how neither of us can resist adding to our stash.

Friday morning saw KK and me out early (Judy was traveling); everyone wanted to beat the heat. Including this fellow, who ambled up to the bird feed in my front yard as I was waiting for KK. I wish my lens had been good enough to show the birdseed stuck to his nose!

Along with sales in my neighborhood, it was the annual tract-wide sale at one of the retirement places; we probably hit 25 sales there. (Can I admit we were pooped out by 11? An excellent time of day for pizza!) We had fun at the place with the party supplies.

Heck, we had fun all morning! I picked up a couple of fabulous vintage (50s, I think) felt & feather birds (the flamingo might be a gift…if I can convince myself to part with him!), 

a pair of mini tube cake pans,

a 25¢ bracelet to part out (I have an idea for those chunky Lucite beads), 

and a bunch o’ cheap entertainment.

I’ve always wanted one of these ‘pin art’ toys, and this one was a dime. I call this “Self Portrait in Orange Plastic.”

One sale had a bunch of kitchen stuff that the lady was selling for a friend. No one had any idea what this silicone thingie was for.

Our best guess was a funnel. It was a quarter. I bought it mainly so I could figure it out. The hubster took one look at it and declared it was for brewing coffee. (He’s something of a coffee geek. That’s where his mind runs.) I kept looking online and finally found it. We were all wrong! It's a lemon squeezer,

and you store the leftover half in it.

Another 25¢ mystery…solved!


  1. I love the lemon squeezer! Fun mystery find of the week. The duvet is beautiful and that Flamingo stole my heart. Good week!!

    1. I thought of you and your watercolor painting when I saw the duvet cover!

  2. Love your little china bunnie. So sweet. The felt and feather birds would also have found their way into my car! I have one of those ‘pin art’ toys. Mine is bright pink plastic with metal pins. We get it out every once in awhile and play. {We're two adults funnin' our way through life!}

    I have seen deer in our neighborhood, too...usually at 3 am. They graze in our yard, then they eat our flowers for dessert. And, of course, they poop. Makes me want to scream. Maybe next year, we'll grow them behind poultry netting!

    Isn't it fun to figure out what some of those kitchen gadgets are for. I'm glad you found out about yours. I never would have guessed.

    I loved seeing your haul.

    1. I loved sharing my haul! Glad to know I'm not the only adult (sort of anyway) who plays with my toys.

      We've been lucky that the deer aren't eating the flowers. Though I'm not sure having them chow down at the bird feeder is any better, since I have to BUY that stuff!


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