Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's Launch!

It's coming! It's almost here! At long last, book four in my Willow Falls Mystery Series will be published in a few weeks. Why yes, I am excited! And I'm here to ask for your help.

Bay in the Dark needs a launch team! A what? It’s a group of nice folks who help get a book off to a good start by reading an advance copy and then posting a short review on Amazon, on or shortly after publication day. Sometimes they are extra nice and also post about the book on Facebook, their blogs, Twitter etc. 

Reviews are an enormous help to an author, they really do encourage people to buy a book. So this is a BIG favor I'm asking…but since I already know you like to read I'm hoping not too big.

What’s the book about, you ask? Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Bay in the Dark is part of a series, and I'm hoping to find launch team members who have read one or more of the others—but I also need members who are coming in fresh with this book. Authors always hope readers will start with book one but that’s not always the case. My dream is that people who start with book four will be inspired to read the others!

Interested? All you have to do is copy-and-paste the little application form below into an email, answer the questions, and send it to mrsdog [at] Deadline to apply is a week from Friday, 6/23/17. (Please send an email rather than leaving your info in a comment, for your own privacy.) We’ll take a look at the apps and get back to everyone as quickly as we can. Those who are selected for the launch team will be emailed a pdf of the book which you’ll be able to read on your computer or transfer to a tablet for reading. (Sorry, there are no print copies available yet.) As publication date gets near (most likely in early- to mid-July) I'll keep you informed so you’ll be able to post your review when the book goes live.

And that’s it! Easy peasy. You want to do it, you know you do!

So. Here’s the application information I need from you:
Are you eligible to write reviews for Amazon? (Their guidelines say you must have spent at least $50 on using a valid credit or debit card.) 
Have you written any customer reviews before on Amazon? On any other sites? 
Have you read any of the other books in the Willow Falls series (Sleeping Dogs Lie, In Dogs We Trust, or The Dog Prince)? If yes, which? 
Would you be willing to mention the book on your Facebook page, blog, Twitter or other social media sites, as well as post a review on Amazon?
 Anything else you'd like me to know?
That's it! Deadline to apply: Friday, June 23, 2017
Thanks so much for applying! We’ll let you know soon if you’ve been selected!
One of the characters in the series is a dog named Jack—a Basset/Lab mix just like my Fannie. I'm still amazed that I put her lookalike in books years before she came to live with me!

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