Monday, April 17, 2017


Found a new addition to the Bunny Department of the Museum de Me on Friday.

Six bunnies for a quarter. Now that’s a deal! It came with a tea light candle in the middle, and the hubster thinks it could be used as a teapot warmer. 

But I like the idea of bunnies and flowers, so I popped a little vase (also known as a shot glass!) in the middle and picked a few flowers from our yard.

(Can I just say that our bulb flowers are doing well this year?)

I try to resist bunnies, there are too many out there lurking on driveways, looking adorably cute, trying to tempt me into taking them home. I looked back through my spreadsheet and saw that most years I only succumb to the charms of one or two, some years none. And the ones I have kept, I really love!

Most I love just because they amuse me. Like Bunny on a Scooter, giving a ride to Tiny Bunny that my SIL gave me.

I have two Steiff bunnies, a hand puppet like Bunny Rabbit from the Captain Kangaroo Show, and a small one that’s just the right size to hold in your hand. (He’s the one on the right side in the Fisher Price cart.)

I still remember the skipped beat of my heart when I spied him lying on the ground at a sale in San Mateo (this was about twenty years ago!). I picked him up and asked how much (didn’t care, I was taking him home with me) and managed to keep a straight face when the woman said, “Oh, ten cents.”

Did the happy dance after I got out of her sight!

Bunnies seem to like being on the move. They paddle canoes (this is another I've had for a long time, at least 10 years)

and pull carts

and lead parades in their fabulous slippers.

They make me laugh. This is a Tomy wind-up toy that originally pushed a baby in a pram, hence the nursemaid outfit. But the pram was gone when I bought her, and we have always called her Zombie Bunny because—well, because!

Some bunnies turned out to be really good deals. I paid a dollar each for two pieces by ceramic artist Karen Howell, and was amazed to see what they are selling for these days – some similar pieces in the $150 neighborhood.

Some bunny things I've passed along to others and just have the pictures now. Both Lizzie and Edward were always good sports about modeling things like bunny ears. (I don’t miss the ears, but I do miss those two good dogs!)

And sometimes bunnies are quite useful. I found my handmade Velveteen Rabbit just about the same time we got Millie as a kitten last summer, and it made a great measuring stick for her growth. Then:

and now:

I’m not quite sure what this expression is about!


  1. Love reading your blog. I too have come upon bunnies. Mine come to me by thrift stores. Also love your sweet kitty's mustache.

  2. LOL! It looks like there was something about the smell of that bunny that didn't agree with her!

  3. I love bunnies, too! I had forgotten about Captain Kangaroo's Bunny Rabbit. I used to watch that show faithfully.

    I have a load of bunnies, too. They are packed away waiting to come out after I finish painting the guest room.

  4. I must admit to rabbits jumping into my hands at times. I try to keep my collection under control but you know rabbits!!

  5. A lovely bunny collection! And the picture of Millie with the bunny is just "the cat's whiskers"!

  6. Hi, Fifty Cents Lady! I got a new Mac, and all of my RSS feeds disappeared in the data migration!!! Argh! But I know where you are, and I am very happy to read your blog again. Jan Tapley

    1. Welcome back! Hope the rest of your feeds were as easy to re-establish!

  7. New follower. I love yard sales, thrift stores, antique stores, and flea markets. Love your bunnies, especially Captain Kangaroo's bunny puppet! I remember watching him!

    1. Welcome! Always nice to run across another fan of the Captain!

  8. Well, like pumpkins, I am not allowed to buy anymore bunnies! LOL. I've have stayed away from sales and thrift stores (except for an estate sale that had Fiesta). I have been working on getting rid of stuff but I have not been very successful.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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