Saturday, November 26, 2016

It’s Vintage, It's Vera – It's a Giveaway!

The two estate sales Judy & I went to last weekend didn’t have much of interest (and the one that had advertised high end antiques was in a scuzzy little house on a positively spooky street!) but I did manage to spend a buck and a quarter. Which netted me three of these nice Vera napkins

as well as a darling little headscarf. 

Does anyone else remember that brief period in the Sixties when we tied these little triangles under our chins and felt we were cool?

It started me thinking that the yard sale gods have been quite generous with the Veras for a while now, and I remembered that I have four vintage Vera silk scarves that are lovely, but I've never worn any of them.

Time for a giveaway, I said. And so here we are.

Four scarves, four winners! Just leave a comment telling me which of the four is your favorite. And of course if you have any Vera stories, do share. Like your memory of wearing your own Vera headscarf and how cute you were. Or your mom did. Okay, okay, your grandmother. Vera spans the generations!

Scarf number one, a long piece of silk with stylized roses.

Number two, a long silk scarf with a small scale floral design.

Number three, a large square with pink roses.

And number four, another square with a mod orange and yellow design.

Please leave your comment by Sunday, December 4, 2016. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Now that the Vera business is taken care of, here’s a Millie report. I was taking her picture the other day with the Velveteen Rabbit that is her measuring stick. Here she is in July,

and September,

and November.

As I looked at her, something seemed a bit…off. It took me a moment to realize that all her long white eye whiskers are missing over her left eye!

I have no idea what she has been up to. I half expect someday to find a little pile of white whiskers in some untoward place, or on one of the inch-wide window frames ten feet over my head in this midcentury modern house with glass walls.

I probably don’t want to know, do I?


  1. Oh you probably don't want to know what she has been up too! So cute and growing fast. My new kitty Annie Belle is a sweetheart and we are learning to live together. Well who doesn't love a Vera? I remember finding some on a sale and wearing them around my neck in the 80's with the knot to the side. My favorite (and I still have it) was a gorgeous grey and blue scarf. Fun memories. I really love the 3rd scarf as PINK is my favorite color. What a fun giveaway! Hugs!

  2. I remember my sister who was 9 years older than me making hip 60's dresses with matching triangle head scarfs-I though of that as soon as I saw that triangle. I like scarf number 4. Thanks!
    pjames330 at aol dot com

  3. I have only recently been introduced to Vera and have found some napkins and scarves at the thrift stores. I love all of your scarves but my favorite is 2 or 4. Thank you for the chance to win. I also wonder what your cat has been up to!

  4. I am not entering since the one I like is not offered but if it were, my pick would be the little triangle with the bees. My last name is Mc"Bee" , I collect Vera and it is because my Mom loved scarves and my Mawmaw's name was Vera! And your pretty one eyebrowed cat reminds me of my sweet tuxedo cat, Bella. :-)

  5. Sorry, but the head scarf is my favorite because I've never seen a Vera one before. 2nd choice? Ok #2
    _Stacy Z.

  6. Well the Miss Millie story reminds me of when our much loved Mittens (also B&W) as a kitten. I noticed that her whiskers suddenly disappeared. I immediately had my suspicions. "Who cut Kitty's whiskers"!!!!" "I did" chimed our 3 year old. How I survived his childhood, I do not know. He's a grown man now. Mittens died at the age of 17 with all parts intact.
    I suspect exuberant play with her doggie girlfriend has caused the whisker loss. This happened to another cat of ours.

  7. What a Serendipitous Post! I have been AWOL from blogland for a bit, but I dropped in this am for a quick visit with some of my old fav's. What to my wandering eyes should appear?? ~ you are featuring VERA!! Be still my heart. Love the triangle w/ Bees!! and The mod orange and yellow design! and! and! and!!! My VERA collection is one of my favorites, as everyone who has been around me/my blog knows. Yet, with all the VERA in my stash I'm always finding new designs - and believe it or not, I don't have ANY of the pieces you are gifting. It was a treat just to see these lovely pictures ~ Happy Birthday to ME!!

  8. not much vera in the UK , so i will settle for Millie !!

  9. I discovered Vera by reading your blog. Now I am always on the look out for Vera. I like the pink square scarf. Love your blog! Love reading about other people's "finds".

  10. Love your Vera scarves! But I really, really love your cute kitty, being a cat mom myself!! :-)

  11. I am so envious of your Millie, lost my 12 year old Spot to a breakup of a 14 year relationship, he kept her, as I had to move in with my daughter, no pets apt. Will retire in 3 years, then off to adopt shelter kitties! I too wore the triangle kerchief, I was only 10 in '67, but I remember the scarf. I don't know the VERA brand, but I do like scarf number 1. Thank you for continuing to share your finds, I get a big kick out of it. I too, am a thrifter, but I go to church thrift shops, as I have no one to go to yard sales with. Maybe when I move to Oregon upon retirement. Here's hoping!

  12. What a sweet giveaway! I love the number 2 and 3 scarf! I don't know which one I like better. :) Thank you for the giveaway!


  13. I'm quite partial to scarf #1. From October through March, I feel a bit "naked" when I head to work at my library without a scarf 'round my neck. (And my husband comments that I look strange without one.)

  14. Lovely giveaway but I already have too many Veras myself as it is! When I was a little kid in the 60's my mom would take me with her on her errands and my favorite part was looking at all the pretty scarves in our local 5 and dime store. Seemed like every single one had that Vera tag. I thought all scarves everywhere were made by Vera - I never saw any other kind!

  15. I think scarf number one is the best - because i do not have one like that! they are all great.
    Wore a head triangle all through high school - now folks look at me funny when I wear them but still every now and then I just can not help myself- must hide the hair. Not sure if any of mine were Vera but possibly because my grandmother gave me most of them.
    AS always - using son's account to post--

  16. I have a special male cat named Shirlee which I thought was a female when I rescued him from the freezing ice and snow about 3 winters ago.
    He is prettee special and loves me dearly
    I remember wearing scarfs around my neck ,I went to high school in the good oh 60's and how I had my heart broken by a guy in high school.
    I like number 3 scarf


  17. I would love number three but would be happy with ANY of them (number 1 is a close second) All are so beautiful.

  18. I have a few lovely Vera's left to me in my Mother's scarf collection. I really love scarf # 1 with the roses. The oblong scarf is such a versatile shape. Double it over, a quick loop around the neck and off you go looking jaunty.
    Millie is a doll and growing like a weed. I also often notice one of my cat's whiskers sheared off near the root. Who knows where the whisker goes??? One of the great mysteries of life.

  19. I remember making a triangle scarf to match my A-line skirt for the 8th grade Home Ec fashion show! Picture about 60 girls of various physiques & stages of development, all modeling the exact same skirt! I wanted to do something to avoid looking "like everyone else". So a daring triangle scarf it was! I like your scarf #1 the best, tho all are great. Re Millie's eyebrow, at first I was thinking she'd gotten too close to the fire, but I suspect her sister is probably the more likely culprit!

  20. I love two and three! (Hope it's ok I chime in, I'm a new reader.)

  21. I don't have any Vera stories to share, but the scarves I like best are number 2 and 3.

  22. Number three is my favorite, love the colors. Haven't found any Vera's in my thrifting adventures. I had a dress with a matching triangle headscarf. Think I actually wore it. Enjoy your blog.

  23. Love scarf #2. I didn't learn about Vera scarves until just a few years ago. It's always a thrill to find one now. Millie is growing up beautifully even with some missing "eye lashes"!

  24. I also rocked the triangle scarf during the sixties and made several to match my mini skirts and dresses. I seriously love Vera anything and number 4 (the orange and yellow scarf) still speaks to my mod soul. I enjoy sharing your adventures and your sweet pets. Theresa in St Louis


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