Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rub a Dub Dub

One of the advantages of the increasingly-smaller number of sales this time of year is that you can make the rounds with no sense of hurry. Which encourages conversation, which is at least as much my goal is bringing home great deals. Of course, even if none of the sellers provide interesting talk, when you’re out with friends there’s always your own conversation to enjoy. Judy was back on the trail with us Friday after several weeks of taking care of her hubster after he had surgery. Felt like we hadn’t seen her for a year!

Unfortunately we didn’t find any vintage hats for her to try on. But KK was quite stunning, wrapped in the fifty-cent throw she bought because it was cold, and a feather boa.

Ms. Mysterious

A fun sale. The first lady we encountered said there was stuff in the house for sale, including lots of art, and that we were expected to buy something for our walls. Inside, three more ladies were sitting around the dining room table having a good old time. I asked if it was a sale or a party, and the answer was, “A little bit of both!”

One estate sale was several miles out of town, but the pictures in their ad had been interesting, so off we went. There were a number of vintage musical instruments, including a piano with a Solovox attachment. One of the ladies running the sale (family rather than an estate sale company) showed us the original tag extolling the wonders of the Solovox and how readily it can be enjoyed by the merest child. Turns out that her dad was a professional musician since the Sixties, a founding member of the Sawtooth Mountain Boys.

Bluegrass Boys

My other find at their sale was this vintage bunny figurine.

vintage bunny

He reminds me of something, maybe a book illustration or an advertising figure? Or maybe he’s just so perfectly typical. Anyway, I fell in love at first sight. It might be that wicked eyebrow.

bunny eyebrow

I think he’s going to get along very well with the Erzgebirge bunny I found last year.

bunny buddies

After all, they share a similar taste in footwear!

bunny shoes bunny slippers Another sale was a last minute attempt to lighten the load of a couple who are moving to Connecticut. The movers were due Monday and they were dealing. KK picked up a great metal Coleman cooler for five bucks. I went for these glass icicles.

Glass iciclesXmas glass

I liked the driveway price (a dollar for both boxes, which were unopened) better than the original.

not my price

And I couldn’t resist this wooden sculpture. I think it has a midcentury modern vibe, which gets me every time. But what really grabbed me was that when I turn him in different directions he expresses new moods, changing from pensive


to oh no, I have a toothache

upside down

or oh no, I’m a napkin holder


to oh no, I think I left the stove on!

oh no!

I have a feeling that he’s going to be known as Mr. Ohno.

At our last stop, we had one more conversation about how cold that wind was, and how cute their dog was. And a couple more things forced their way into my hands and made me buy them. But really, how could I resist this duck?


A duck with wonky wheels that wobbles side to side as you pull him along. Duck left Duck rightAnd you know my children’s literature-themed guest room really needed this Fisher Price chime toy.Three Men in a TubThose who remember the rhyme (which as most nursery rhymes do has an interesting history!) may notice that I have two bakers and the candlestick maker here.

Two Bakers

Which makes it perfect for me; having been a vegetarian for over forty years, I’d much rather have an extra baker than a butcher!

Candlestick Maker    


  1. Love Mr. Ohno......looks Scandanavian; no markings?

    1. No markings that I could find. I've certainly never seen another like him.

  2. You're having far too much fun with Mr Ohno. He's awesome! I have an addiction to old FP toys, so I love the men in a tub toy.

  3. Your Mr. Ohno is way too funny! Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

  4. I am fascinated by Mr. Ohno, so of course I had to try to find his provenance. Could this be the artist? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Wood-Statuette-Yoga-Sculpture-Hand-Carved-Graceful-Arc-NOVICA-Bali-/381453303646?hash=item58d0637f5e:g:ycsAAOSwAYtWNm4A

    1. Thank you! I did some looking but didn't find this artist. So Mr. O is from Bali!

  5. Great finds! I think your bunny resembles a Kewpie Doll. Same eyelashes!


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