Thursday, October 29, 2015

Two Bits

When you go out for a morning of garaging and end up spending only 25¢, it’s a little hard to come up with much to blog about. Not that it wasn’t fun spending that quarter. My friend Gail came along, and we share an interest in midcentury modern houses. We both live in neighborhoods with some great MCM eye candy, and if you’d been in the back seat of the car you probably would have been cracking up over our conversation. Which consisted mostly of exclaiming, “Ooooh, look at that one! Isn’t that a cool house?”

My only buy was this dog biscuit cookie cutter. dog bone biscuitWhich was actually a pretty good deal, having two sides/sizes of biscuits.

dog biscuit cutter

Perhaps the upside to the waning of the garaging year is that it gives one time to do other things. Haven’t made any dog biscuits (yet) but I did manage to get the extremely cute hooked rug I found a couple of weeks ago hung on the wall.

I kept looking around for the best place, but it seemed there was really only one choice. And I finally figured out why that particular place was right. I had to relocate the scherenschnitte by Friedrich Kaskeline in order to hang the new piece under the vintage hats.

Spaniel and hats

As soon as it was there, I remembered a picture from my childhood.

doozy cropped

Clearly I have spent most of my life knowing that spaniels and the kind of hats that old ladies wear go inextricably together. It’s so obvious, yes?

This was my grandmother’s dog Doozy. Her name probably started out as Daisy. I love her wise and patient face.

doozy Bet she would have loved a homemade dog biscuit.


  1. That does look a great place to hang the rug. Gotta luv spaniels. xx

  2. Love how those memories stay with us! It's no wonder you're drawn to the image on that rug.

    1. I suppose a really talented person could add a hat to the dog on the rug...but I'm not even going to think about it!


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