Monday, July 13, 2015

True Grit. Seriously.

Had a full weekend of fun garaging with fun friends. Headed out Friday morning with Judy and KK for our usual bargain-hunting hijinks. First stop had KK modeling the merchandise.

Sweetheart of a model

Even though we kept finding sales where they were “way too proud of their stuff” we still managed to get some deals. KK tells me her husband was blown away by her finding these Ugg slippers in perfect condition

for 25 cents. At least he was blown away when she showed him the price over at Zappos…$99.95 (but free shipping so there you go).

That was kind of a fun sale for me. They had a previous sale about a year and a half ago, with tons of clothes in my size. I only bought one piece for myself, but I found a sweater for my SIL that she loves and wears all the time. I told them about that and it was like old home week. I found a good pair of footwear there too, these Wolky sandals that look new. Paid $2, and found out when I got home this brand retails for upwards of $150. Score!

Wolky sandals

As we were leaving, the lady said come back tomorrow, I think we’ll pretty much be giving stuff away. So we talked a few more minutes, and for another dollar I got some stuff to upcycle – this long dress (I’m thinking I’ll turn it into a tunic length with somewhat longer sleeves)

ombre dress

and this ever-so-bright Hawaiian shirt with coordinating pants that I’ll use to restyle the shirt.

bright shirtWon’t be able to sneak around in this piece!

The moment that had us laughing the hardest came when we took a wrong turn and were making a U-turn. We spotted this adorable house, with the glads that perfectly coordinate with the house and red front door.

hot colors

As soon as I snapped the picture, the lady of the house came out to see what we were up to. I called to her that we just loved her colors, so she laughed and came over to the car and talked for a minute. She was wearing a dark pink t-shirt, and I told her she wasn’t allowed to be out there in that clashing color. She agreed. Guess I should have offered her that Hawaiian shirt I’d just picked up, it matches perfectly!

Saturday I headed out with my friend Toni. We haven’t been garaging together in ages. At the first stop I picked up a Pendleton shirt for a dollar (always a good deal). As we were leaving, the lady asked if I were the person who had done the Shopping on Driveways program at the library last fall. She said she had really enjoyed it. Wow. I am rarely recognized on the street, though being spotted at a yard sale may not be too big a stretch. Still, I felt like I was having my 15 seconds of fame.

I think it was our next stop where I scored two gorgeous garden pots.

turquoise pot

Turquoise. Bullet shaped. Love. She said she bought them new in May but is now moving, and we were able to negotiate down a bit to $15 for the pair. Pretty good price, and they even have potting soil in them. The teenage son hoisted them into the back seat, we strapped the seat belts over them, and off we went.

As soon as we picked up a little speed, something gritty got into my eye. Then I got grit in my mouth. From the passenger seat, Toni exclaimed, “What the…!” That about the time we simultaneously realized that we had two pots of very dry dirt in the back seat and it was blowing everywhere.


“It’s going down my shirt!” she said. “It’s in my eye!” I said. As soon as I could I pulled over so we could laugh…and brush off dirt. I got the piece out of my eye – it was at least 1/8th of an inch across.

Fortunately a remedy was at hand – her sweatshirt and the Pendleton I had just bought made dandy pot covers.      pots with coversSo we were safe from further onslaughts of dirt, but as Toni so eloquently put it, “Dang! It’s in my bra! It itches!”

The rest of the morning was spent trying to surreptitiously wiggle in a way that might get that grit out of our bras (and shirts, and waistbands), and giggling over it. We had a fun morning, but I know we were both glad to get home and head for the shower to rinse it all off.

When I took off my bra I glanced at it. Good grief, no wonder it itched!

True Grit


  1. Do I dare say I had that experience also, It wasn't fun, but it was funny.

  2. At least you learned a lesson for next time! lol

    I'm itching just reading about it!


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