Monday, January 12, 2015


I saw ads on Craigslist for a couple of estate sales last weekend, but with my partner in crime fun Judy out of town I couldn’t get motivated to drive for miles in the rain. So I stayed home warm and dry and enjoyed some of the fruits of last summer’s garaging.

I noticed something the other day that was an absolute thrill…

African violets 1

The African violets I found last summer are starting to bloom! African violets 2

I have never gotten African violets to rebloom. Not even when I tried the tough-love approach reported in this post. I’ve bought them in the past blooming their little heads off, and tried to do everything you’re supposed to for them, but once the initial blooms faded I never saw another. So this is a big deal for me.African violets 3

Picked up two of them, and the second has budded as well.

African violets bud

Maybe they like the company they’re keeping – the yard sale aloe that Judy plucked out of a free box, and two begonias from a church rummage sale.

yard sale plants

The begonias were sporting some lovely but modest sprays of pink blooms a few weeks ago. They all live in yard sale pots on the yard sale wicker stand in a corner of the dining room, near the yard sale bench. Yes, I practice what I preach!

yard sale plant stand

And even though I didn’t go to any sales this weekend, I found a surprise in my camera from the last time I went out. When I downloaded the violet pictures, this one showed up as well. (I can never resist a good misspelling.)

InFred heater 

I bet Fred was surprised!


  1. I am going to try threatening my African Violets and see if that works. Otherwise out they'll go. I do love misspelled words too. My fav last week was rod iron.

    1. I've always loved 'rod iron'! Craigslist ads are great for misspellings. A couple of faves there are 'hugh' garage sale, and the ever popular 'dinning table.'


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