Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The True Oregonian

Got to go garaging Friday with both Judy and my SIL Linda. I always have fun with either one, and having both of them along was the icing on the cake. Being a holiday weekend I kept my expectations low, but we all found good stuff. Judy went home with more clothes and a hedge trimmer. Linda found a great lampshade. It was covered with an interesting variety of ribbons in blues, gray and yellow, and when I looked up on the Internet the name that was on the tag, I found this picture of it.

Lampshade by the Ribbon Jar

We’re pretty sure this is the exact same one, since the article it was in was about using a ribbon company’s wares to decorate a lampshade. So we think the ribbon company must be located around here somewhere.

And me? Well, I bought a chainsaw. So now I am a true Oregon Woman.

ultimate Oregon accessory

We were at our first stop, an estate sale, where I’d been chatting with a friend’s husband who’s also a die-hard thrifter. (Hi Ken! Hi Robin!) In the backyard, one of my companions pointed out this chainsaw marked $5. And I remembered my husband saying something about a chainsaw recently, and five bucks sounded pretty good – if it worked. So I grabbed Ken and asked him if he knew anything about chainsaws. I guess he knew at least something because he said if I wasn’t going to buy it he would! We got the folks running the sale to let us plug it in and Ken revved the engine. Sounded exactly like a chainsaw, so I said I’d take it.

The thing is, chainsaws terrify me. I’ve heard horror stories of what they can do to the human body, and I have no intention of ever wielding this one. My job will be to hover nearby, wittering nervously, and being ready to drive to the emergency room if needed.

When I took the thing up to pay for it, the young woman took my fiver and commented, “And it even matches your outfit.” I looked down and realized she was right, I was wearing green capris just about the same shade as the saw. Is that not the last word in accessorizing, a matching chainsaw?

You know me, always ready to go the extra mile when it comes to fashion!

Besides the chainsaw, I brought home a box of candles.

          Fifty Cent Candles

Fifty cents for the box. You speak my language, I told the lady having the sale. And I got suckered into buying a dork.

Grow a Dork for a dime

We were laughing over it and I put it back on the table, when the little girl said quietly, “It’s only a dime.” So I picked it back up and handed over the dime. What else could I do? But she also let me hold their baby kitten named Onion, and that was worth more than a dime. (Her mom stuck her head out the door to inquire if I might like a mama cat plus another kitten. We quickly left.)

Got more yarn for my stash

Mmmmm, yarn

and one of my fave movies. It will be raining here before we know it.

It's Oregon - we've got the rain

This brass and copper hoop is intended for carrying your best pie to a potluck

pie carrier

but I think I’m going to repurpose it. I have some obsidian needles to dangle inside it for a cool wind chime.

pie carrier to wind chime

At the end of the morning we dropped Judy off at her house, and Linda and I headed off to grab a sandwich. We passed one more sale on the way, and the first thing I saw was a great little MCM end table. Exactly what I needed between the chairs in the corner of my living room – for $4.

MCM end table

I keep thinking I can’t buy ANY more furniture for this house, and then I find one more piece that just fits!

MCM table & chairs


  1. Wow! I want to live in Oregon. Love the prices! here where I am from, they almost charge more then retails for stuff. Nice finds.

    1. We have our share of overpriced stuff here too, but I don't buy them! Obviously there is plenty at a sensible price. I'm sure Oregon would love to have you!

  2. Everyone should have a dork!
    A grow-your-own stuffed into a jar that will be too small for it once grown can make a great Halloween ornament. xx

  3. Love that pie carrier......never seen one before

    1. I hadn't either. An elegantly simple design. And it was fifty cents. How could I resist?


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