Sunday, August 10, 2014

Around the Course

We took a little mini-vacation this week to visit friends and their dogs in Roseburg (Hi, Sophie! Hi, Tootsie!). But we got back in time for Judy and me to go to the big community-wide sale in the golf course neighborhood. Last year was our first time there and it was pretty crazy, but we both agreed there were fewer people this year (and somewhat fewer sales, but we still didn’t see all of them). There were still enough sales and people and stuff to amuse us, and I managed to spend a little over $17.

Don’t think I saw a single vintage hat, but Judy did try out this one to see if she wanted it to keep her ears warm in the winter.

Extra warm ears

At the same sale I spotted a bear that is a cousin of one I used to own, back in my teddy bear collection days. This fellow had seen some use.

Big Bear

I was most amused by the note on his price tag.

Big Bear has a secret

Prices through the neighborhood ranged from the incredibly low (I bought some of those!) to the ridiculously high. Judy is on the lookout for an electric griddle, so we both noticed the non-electric one priced at fifty bucks. What the…? I looked it up when we got home and that’s only about $20 less than a new one of its brand. One of those sales where they thought they were running a boutique.

But at the other end, down in my price range, I spotted four woven placemats – at a dime apiece.

Woven placemat

Yes, thank you.

Finlayson placemat

And leaving that sale I noticed more textiles on a table, and picked up this quite nice cotton tablecloth for fifty cents

Fifty Cent table clothFifty Cents tablecloth 

and a set of coordinating napkins for a quarter. Now that’s more like it!

Cloth napkins

Zoe is still shredding cloth napkins when she gets hold of them (bad dog!) so I went ahead and shelled out a buck for the peach colored ones on another driveway.

Another fifty cent find was a set of coasters from the Metropolitan Museum.

 Bestiary Coasters

I love the illustrations, which come from an alphabet book by Alfred Van Loen. Especially the frog.

Frog Coaster

If anyone remembers my Disapproving Angel Kitty


you may be glad to know she has a new companion, Approving Angel Kitty.

 Approving Angel Kitty Disapproving Angel Kitty meets Approving Angel Kitty

AAK is much smaller than DAK but they will both be hanging out in the kitty section of my Museum de Me (i.e. all the bits and pieces with which I decorate my office).

Kitties in Museum de Me

When I asked the price of this DVD

Good Bad Wierd

the young guy said three bucks. I laid it down and explained I rarely spend more than a dollar for a used movie. He launched into an enthusiastic description of this flick, ending with his willingness to take one dollar for it. I told him we’d give it a good home.

Another dollar find was this racecar toy, which I have no excuse for getting other than I liked it

Alex Toys Rainbow Roller

and it goes well with the one I bought a few weeks ago.


I have something of a weakness for wind chimes, but it’s rare to find good ones on driveways. I was pretty excited to pick these up for three bucks.

Arias windchipmes Windchimes Arias windchime

My big splurge of the day ($6) was at our last stop, which also offered for sale this evil bunny cookie jar. Evil Bunny cookie jarWould you take food from this guy? Don’t think I would! (Though Disapproving Angel Kitty might have liked him.)

Evil Bunny

What I did bring home was another addition to my colorful midcentury vase collection

 Orange cylinder bubble vase 1 Orange cylinder bubble vase 2 Orange cylinder bubble vase 4

that’s growing on the kitchen window wall.

MCM vase collection

I’m hereby putting out a call to the garage sale gods to provide some glass in greens and blues. Hope they’re listening!

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  1. That bunny cookie jar looks more like and evil pig to me. The ears don't say bunny.
    I wish some of your type of sales would happen down here in TX!


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