Sunday, July 27, 2014

She shoots! She scores!

I don’t think I’ll ever get Judy to start her own blog so she can show off her yard sale goodies, but this would have been the perfect week for her to start. Our first stop on Friday was right in our own neighborhood – two sisters who both had kids and both loved clothes and both were determined to “take back our attics and basements.”

Yeah. They had a LOT of stuff, and just about everything was priced at a buck. And if you wanted something for less, they tended to say yes. And the huge pile of ladies clothing? All kinds of very spendy brands…

…and all in Judy’s size.

I’m not even sure what all she ended up with. I know there was a pair of linen slacks, and two sundresses (one cotton, one linen with eyelet embroidery), and at least one cashmere sweater. She got three sweaters for her son (well, I found those but they wouldn’t fit my hubs so I tossed them to her). One was the softest merino wool with a Ralph Lauren label that you know had to be about $150 in the store. Jake loved that one, but didn’t like another with an argyle front. But Judy took a second look at that one and decided it will be a perfect around-the-house piece, and since it was cashmere and silk will probably be a great thing to sleep in. Cashmere and silk for PJs…for a buck.

So she made this huge pile of clothing and then went through it a second time to winnow out her favorites. She took off her own sweater to try some things on, and ended up with a stack of 22 items. And she had a twenty dollar bill and some change, which the lady was happy to take for the pile. She handed us a big garbage bag and we hauled everything off to my car.

Which is when Judy said, “Wait a minute. Where’s my black sweater I was wearing?”

So we checked the bagful of clothes, and sure enough there it was – and she had included it in her count. So yes. Judy bought her own sweater at someone else’s yard sale!

Lest you think she got all the good stuff, I did just fine too. I’ve always wanted to try one of these spoon rest thingies that clip on the side of the pot


but they cost around ten bucks in a kitchen store. So I was very pleased to find this one for a quarter! Found a nice shirt for the hubs


and a couple of cute hand towels (I like this size for toweling off my hair)


and a lime green wallet that cleaned up nicely.


It’s a pricey brand (Hobo) – but came from the dollar sale. Even their free stuff was good – I came home with a bunch of small Rubbermaid containers that I think will be great for freezer jam. Imagine my surprise when I saw these puppies are sold in a two-pack on Amazon for about $7.50. Sheesh.


Last week I scored a fun little glass vase


that is probably a ‘dog-bone vase’ made by Aseda in Sweden. I’ve been wanting some skinny colored vintage glass to display in the kitchen window (inspiration was a picture in Atomic Ranch magazine) and at last found the first piece. So imagine my surprise when the first thing I saw on Friday was a mate for it.


I’ve never noticed this kind of vase before, and I wonder what the odds are that I’d find two a week apart. Or if they’re really terribly common and I just never noticed them before? No matter. My collection is begun.


My other score from the dollar sale was this beautiful little handmade quilt, in the Orange Peel pattern.


Not an easy thing to piece together! I love the fabrics and colors. It’s the perfect size on my dining table to show off a big vase of flowers (the Queen Ann’s lace was purloined from the dog park, but don’t worry, I left plenty behind).


And a cat, of course.


Oh, that cat. Every time I tried to snap a picture of him by the flowers, he’d come toward me to be petted.


I finally set the camera on burst mode (where it takes a whole bunch of pics really fast) and rushed to the end of the table and started shooting as he came toward me. Then dashed to the other end of the table, cat following. He chased me around that table for several minutes, and I finally had to stop because I was laughing so hard the camera was shaking and couldn’t focus.


In all, I ended up with about two nice shots.


I really love digital cameras.

My last score was a splurge, but I love it. A big beautiful midcentury globe lamp of smoky gray glass.       P1060383P1060385P1060384I think it was a steal at $25. It will be even more gorgeous when we’ve cleaned the glass. Then all we’ll have to do is figure out where to put it!


  1. I always enjoy your adventures. Love that lamp!

    1. Thanks! Still haven't found a place to hang it...or cleaned it up. But we will!

  2. Isn't garage saling fun? Always on the look out for deals !

    1. I can't understand why everyone doesn't go garaging, best fun ever. Of course I've never understood why everyone doesn't use the public library either. Fabulous stuff to use for free, what could be better?

  3. would have loved to see you and cat running around the table!

    1. And how glad I am that no one was there to see me. Except the cat!

  4. Buying your own sweater at a yard sale - OMG that is the funniest story ever! Wish I could 'sale' with you and Judy! I LOVE everything you found - especially the quilt and the awesome globe lamp.

    1. Well, holler if you're ever in Salem on a Friday morning. We'll stuff you into the back seat of the convertible and see what we can find! Maybe you can even buy your own sweater, you never know!

  5. OMG, that sweater story made me totally laugh out loud. So funny! I'm glad not everyone likes to garage sale and go to the library, there would be less stuff for us..right!? LOL

    Love everything you got. The quilt, the vases. And what a great idea with the Queen Anne's Lace. Never thought to include it in a flower arrangement. But it looks gorgeous. I recently saw an arrangement that had hosta leaves..looked amazing too! Gotta get more creative! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Judy & I are still laughing about the sweater. Love the idea of hosta leaves, they can be gorgeous!


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