Monday, March 17, 2014

Price Tags

Found a really cute umbrella at a sale Saturday.


Went to pay for it. Handed over my dollar, which the woman took, then said, “And the scarf?”

“The scarf?”

“Did you already pay for the scarf?” She was looking at the blue muffler around my neck, the one Judy gave me a while back.

“It’s mine,” I said.

“But did you pay for it?”

What the heck was she talking about? “I wore it in. It’s mine.”

By now you could feel the other shoppers nearby growing a little quieter, listening. Was a crime going down? Was this woman trying to pull off a daring theft of a strip of light blue angora blend?

The seller looked hard at me, then reached out and pointed. “What about that?”

One of their little sticky dot price tags had detached itself from something and adhered to my fuzzy muffler. I shook my head and pulled it off. “Sorry, don’t know how that got there. It’s really my scarf.”

She chose to believe me. “Okay. I did think it was a lot of money for something like that.”

P1050081The tag said $3. Guess she didn’t really like my scarf very much!

After our bag-stuffing adventures of the past two weekends, we came back to earth and found…not so much. And the sales just seemed odd. One supposed estate sale felt exactly like being in a store. There was even that perfumey candle smell hovering over the hundreds of knick knacks and paintings and silver and china.

We did spot a few interesting

P1050044 P1050046 and colorful


and unusual hats


and the shiniest car in the world.


And I found a few things to buy…and managed to spend over twenty bucks.

The big splurge? Two vintage Homecrest wire chairs. They rock, they swivel!


Need to clean them up and figure out some cushions, but I thought ten bucks each was pretty darned good, especially considering the way everything else at that sale was priced. It’s so interesting what sellers think is valuable.

This interesting glass light cover


is destined to be a yard ornament. Yes folks, repurposing at its finest, right here.

And a handsome Le Creuset baking pan.


It does have a small chip on a corner but I don’t think that will affect its performance.


If you’ve ever priced these, you’ll know why I scooped it up at $3.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’d better go check my wardrobe to make sure there are no inadvertent price tags on anything else. I doubt that they let you blog from jail!



  1. Sometimes when I got to pay at the thrift or a YS, I have an item without a price. i throw my arms out and say, "It is on me?" and nearly every time there is a sticker stuck on me somewhere. I also take in my own shopping bag and I am forever having people want to charge me for those! *Those chairs are GREAT!

    1. When I had long hair, that's where I used to get things stuck to!

  2. I just enjoy your blog so much! I don't comment often but I'm a regular reader. I've been wondering if

  3. Y'all ever buy the hats? I think the witchy one would rock at Halloween.

    1. Occasionally Judy buys a hat (she really does wear them!) but often at estate sales the price is more than we want to pay. Mostly we just enjoy the fun of taking her picture in them!

  4. I thought sure you were going to tell me your scarf matched the umbrella and that's why she was asking if you had paid for it.

    1. I never thought of that! She probably would have had me arrested if that had happened. ;o) But I'd love to find a scarf in that print, wouldn't you?

    2. Doggie scarf like that would have been great!

  5. Want, want, want the brolly!
    How embarrassing about the scarf. I had a similar experience at a car boot when I bought some things off a woman and just as I was walking away saw something else. As I paid for it, she said 'and the other things' (meaning the ones I'd already paid for). She didn't remember me paying and we parted with her still not sure.
    Love the first hat, the second is too 'Lady Di', the third is fab and looks like something worn by the Advanced Style ladies on Ari Seth Cohen's YouTube videos. The fourth, I have to say I've seen similar at a wedding (only with a dome crown rather than a pointed one). xx

    1. Okay, the next cats & dogs brolly can be yours!

      My memory is getting to where I'd probably be like that car boot person. As we say, I can remember anything until I take a step, and then it's all gone!

      Hmmm, we could have bought the witches hat and remodeled the crown so Judy could wear it on days other than Halloween. Or maybe I should say hide in it - it was a tad large on her!


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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