Thursday, January 30, 2014

*&$%#@*^@#* Hackers!

I’ve just discovered that my email has been hacked, and along with sending out a spurious message with a Google Doc attachment the hackers stole everything from my contact list. So I can’t let people know.

Just in case you get an email from my mrsdog (at) hotmail dot com address – DON’T OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS!

I know this won’t affect most readers of my blog, but I’m hoping it may save someone.

Now I’m off to change passwords and do other cleanup.



  1. Do people seriously have nothing better to do than hack? GET A JOB or use your talents for something productive. UGGGH!

    1. I know! Not sure why anyone would bother to hack me, I'm sure they'd be bored to death by what's on my computer. Unless they like dog pictures and thrifting, and I'm happy to share that anyway!


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