Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa at the Grocery Store

I just had the nicest encounter! Had to buy groceries (and being in any kind of store on Christmas Eve eve is not something I ever want to do!) so I headed to our local big-box grocery store. One of those places where you do your own bagging in return for the best prices in town.

I was headed for the yams and saw a couple of guys wearing Santa hats near them, and our eyes met. I knew they looked familiar and at first thought they worked there. No…then I thought, dog park? Then the shorter of the two said, “Hey, here’s a lady who shops at our sales.”

So then I knew – they handle estate sales and I have indeed been to several of them. “That’s right, and the Christmas tablecloth in my dining room right now is from one of your sales,” I told them. Then I asked what they were up to.

“We’re being Secret Santas,” the taller guy said. “We’re looking for folks who seem like they could use some help and we’re giving out money.” And off they went on their mission.

Just two guys, as far as I could tell didn’t represent any service club or agency, out having a good time making someone’s day brighter.

I really like this town.



  1. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story; I'm smiling as I sit here.

  3. Great idea those guys had. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  4. Great story. Thanks for sharing! Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. I run into the people who run the actions we go to all the time. The first time I had a hard time remember who they where because they weren't in the place my mind remembered seeing them. It is sweet that the estate sale guys were being secret santa on Christmas Eve.

  6. Oh gosh, I flippin love hearing about people spreading cheer & kindness, and love. There are so many struggling in life, and most of us are too busy going about the hustle & bustle of our lives to really even notice the others. A HUGE HUGE pat on the back to those 2 guys! Let us all use this example to slow down, look around, and see what WE can do to help ease someone else's burden. A kind word? A smile? Or maybe even a $20 bill (so no Starbucks for a week - big deal!). May God bless those 2 men abundantly throughout the coming year!


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