Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just the Stuff, Ma’am, Just the Stuff

This week I’ll give everyone a break who rolled their eyes at my last post and went, “Enough with the talking already! Where’s the STUFF?” It was pretty much too hot this weekend to go much beyond “Hi!” and “Good luck with your sale!” Didn’t get Judy to try on any hats, but did meet a handful of pets. This little guy wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to hide

Goodbye Kitty

or not.

Re-emerging kitty

These cuties are a mother and son…but I’m not sure which is which!

Black ScottyCream Scotty

In the “I’ve never ever seen one of these at a sale but since it cost $500 I didn’t bring it home” department we have a pedal steel guitar.

pedal steel guitar

Bet that would have driven the pets crazy. And all the neighbors too!

In the “mark it off my list” category we have a hair dryer for the guest bathroom

hair dryer

(finally one at a price I could get behind…seventy-five cents!) and an organizer thingie for my desk drawer

I WILL get organized

and a syrup dispenser

vintage syrup dispenservintage dispenser top

(we always use pure maple syrple and it’s very flavorful so I like to control the amount) and a nice, unassuming hand towel.

hand towel

The other evening as Steven left to take Zoe to the park he commented that he wished he had a carabiner (or knew where the one we’re supposed to have is hiding) to clip her water bottle onto his belt. And I plucked one out of a free box this morning. And once I put in a new battery, its little flashlight works.

Carabiner flashlight

Not on my list per se, but we have a home theatre so I’m always on the lookout for additions to our movie collection. (People laugh when I haul out my list of movies I already own…but it’s over 600 titles long and I get annoyed when I buy one I already own).

more DVDs

And then we have the “Couldn’t make myself pass these up” category. The stuff that jumps out at you demanding that you take them home. I try. I really do try to limit these! But seriously, how could I go off and leave the Oregon State Capitol Building Christmas Ornament?

Oregon Capitol Ornament

Especially since it’s made of such wonderful- and Genuine - materials.

gold flashed brass

I might have been able to resist this Seventies pottery vase

vintage vasevintage vase 2

if I hadn’t planted seeds that morning for Autumn Beauty sunflowers. They will look absolutely perfect in this. (Assuming that they grown and bloom. But they will!) The piece is even signed.

mystery signature

Though I always wonder about completely indecipherable signatures. Probably not the best marketing strategy!

I have no rationale for buying these hand rolled beeswax tapers other than their being quite beautiful. And fifty cents.

hand rolled candles

But no apologies are needed for picking up a vintage B. Altmann cashmere sweater for my hubs. Fits perfectly, and the quality is terrific. Probably dates from the Fifties.

vintage B. Altmann cashmere sweater

And a midcentury modern side table? When I saw the price tag was five bucks, I didn’t even hesitate. Reminds me of that Brasilia furniture that Lane did back in the day.

mid century modern side table

I need to go out and encourage those sunflower seeds to get going. That vase full of flowers is going to be perfect on this table!


  1. Who could have resisted the Oregon State Capital Building Christmas ornament? Not you. Not me!

    1. I know, I know - I can hardly wait for Christmas now!

  2. Love the table! I can wait to see the sunflowers in the vase on it.

    1. Wish I had your table decorating talents to really make it look good!

  3. Great finds! And excellent movie choices! Oh Brother is one of our absolute faves!

    1. Come on up and enjoy our nice cool home theatre! We can do a double bill of O Brother & Miss C2 - how's that for a schizophrenic pairing?!


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