Friday, April 19, 2013

Vote Early! Vote Often!

As of this morning, Edward has slipped to 4th place in the voting for the honor of being the face on the dog treats. We need to be in the top three! If you have a Facebook account, please take a moment to click over to HERE and give his picture a ‘like.’ Then if you would be so kind, strong-arm encourage your friends, family, and acquaintances to do the same. Let me know if you’d like a flyer to post on the bulletin board at work or school, with little tear off tabs at the bottom with the URL. (Yeah, I made one up for the dog park bulletin board.)

After all, Edward is a very handsome boy. He was an adorable baby

Infant Edward  ED1

a heartthrob as an adolescent

Edward 11 mo

and is aging (he’s almost 11 now) with grace and dignity.

Dignified Edward

He’s unfailingly helpful around the house.

Edward helps with laundry Yummers

He was the best little brother that Lizzie could have had

Little brother EdwardLizzie & EdwardGIMMEKONG_WARS

and has been instrumental in civilizing Zoe.

Big brotherBehave, young ladyA moment of calmBig Brothers are so Comfy

He rarely does anything wrong, and if he does he’s sorry.

Edward is sorry

He is not above a friendly gossip session with his friends.

Gossip dogs

Edward is a friend to man

Charming the Gardeners

and beast.

Edward with Noll Pillow snuggly

Vote for Edward!

Edward poster


  1. Nope, I just tried again, in case it was a 24 hour thing but it still wouldn't let me. I'm sorry.

    1. How sweet of you to try I'm sure the site is programmed so one can vote only once. I still have my fingers crossed!

  2. Got my hubby to hit like and shared this post on Facebook.

  3. I voted! He's a doll - fingers crossed from a fellow retired librarian (in Texas).

  4. Great post! Edward for Prime Minister!

  5. I've loved reading your blog for a while.Now it's pay-back time.I voted for Sweet Edward and posted your touching testimonial on my facebook. Hope it helps! I have only 4 friends but my daughter is very popular with the critter-lovers so if she shares my post,he's got a shot of picking up a few more votes! Go Team Edward!

    1. Thanks so much! I have my fingers crossed. Would love to see him show up those two little dogs who are his main competition!

  6. What breed is he? I think he is lovely!


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