Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Need to Take a Train Ride!

Some of you may remember that back in September I bought a vintage American Tourister train case. For a buck.


I really liked it, but lordy lordy was it ever scuzzy inside.


Didn’t take me too long to rip out the lining. Project almost ended right there, because that sucker stank. Apparently most of these old cases do. My guess is it might have something to do with the glue they used to secure the lining.


Some vigorous scrubbing and several days in the sunshine went a long way towards mitigating the smell issue. Putting in a new lining has been on my to-do list for a couple of weeks now. Just couldn’t decide what fabric to use. And then I picked up this fifty-cent yard of fabric.


So a mere 6 weeks after I bought the train case (pretty darned fast for me!) it is refurbished and ready to go.

IMG_5943 IMG_5945

Completely silly, and I smile every time I open the lid.


It’s been many, many years since I went anywhere on a train. I think I need to buy a ticket and see how much this baby can hold. Perhaps to somewhere sunny, since our rains started this weekend. Didn’t even try to get to any sales. But I did faithfully take the pups to the dog park.


Where I got to watch our dignified 10-year-old Edward


steal the ball out of his sister’s mouth


and proceed to have a good roll on it!



  1. Love how the case turned out!!!
    How did you do it so neatly with the cotton fabric?
    Went to an estate sale today (after going to lay read at church...they tease me about reading like its storytime when I get up there...) got a Edwardian petticoat with the most luscious handmade lace hems and trim! must be two yards worth!! could not resist, and am now soaking it to clean it up. Will be looking for something cool to put it on to wear...

    1. Each section (lid, bottom, sides) was cut to fit, batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric and edges turned and top stitched. Then I hot-glued them in. You know children's librarians and their hot glue guns!

  2. You did a great job on the train case. I just love the pictures of Edward and Zoe!


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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