Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help pick my next book cover!

Help me out here, would you? I’m just about ready to publish the third book in my series, entitled The Dog Prince. Chapter one begins like this:

The May sunshine was already hot as it sparkled on the collection of frogs strewn across a rickety card table. I was running late and had forty miles to drive. The battery on my cell phone had died, so I couldn’t call and say I'd be late. I stopped to look at the frogs anyway.

And put into motion a chain of events that included mayhem and murder. I tell you, you just never know what will turn up at a good flea market.

I have several versions of the front cover that I’m considering. Of course I want it to be clear this is part of the series, so all the covers have some of the same elements as the first two books, which look like this:


And here are the covers I’m considering for book three. You can click on each image if you’d like to see it bigger (helps see the details!):

Version 1

Dog Prince 1

Version 2

Dog Prince 2

Version 3

Dog Prince 3

Version 4

Dog Prince 4

Version 5

Dog Prince 5

The Dog Prince is very much a cozy mystery, laced with humor and featuring lots of dogs. I’d love to know which cover you like best. Feel free to make additional comments as well. Thanks so much for your help!


  1. My opinions: The gun pointed directly at the reader takes a moment to identify in versions 1 & 2. So I would exclude those versions. Between versions 3 & 4, the crown is more attractive in version 3. I would exclude version 4. The gun in version 5 was used in a prior book, and my first impression was that the duplication was enough to rule it out. However, taken on its own, the cover on version 3 does not indicate what type of book you are buying, which I think is crucial to attract new buyers. If you think that is an important point, then I would go with version 5. If you don't, I would go with version 3.

    Looking forward to reading your books--I just got a Kindle, so now I have to load it up!

  2. Sorry - once again using son's account to comment - it will not accept mine! oh well- HIS two cents worth were he liked
    the first one and number three -
    Daughter liked first one because she liked the 'badge" but she also could not tell what was in the center of it until i pointed out it was a gun -
    i like the "badge with crown" on number four - but i also feel you should have a gun on the cover - so i like the fifth one best ( that is a frog in the bottom right , YES?)
    I do feel you should have the frog on there somewhere -
    Looking forward to reading this new one - so glad you are keeping the series going

  3. I think version 5 is really cool! Then I would go with version 3 but possibly reshape the shield to like version 4. There ya go my opinion. Can't wait to read your new book. Are they on Kindle yet?

  4. Ditto #5 since it has the gun element that's also on the covers of the first 2 books in the series. Whatever you decide will be fine--just hurry up and get that book up for sale. Can't wait. -- AndreaD

  5. Tricky! I like the shields, but I can see everyone else likes 5...

    The first shield is too ornate, perhaps. Any chance of the dog on number 2 having a crown? Then we could keep all the readers happy (except us folks with Kindles, which is a shame, actually).

  6. I think version 5 does it for me. can't wait for your next book. thanks

  7. #5 looks right to me. Good luck!

  8. I think I like #4 best, but #5 would be my second choice!

  9. I think I like #4 best, but #5 would be my second choice!

  10. version one matches up with the others the best and has the best look

  11. I think I like is a bit busy, but it gets all the elements, gun (to symbolize murder), and the frog in the other designs are not as easy to recognize....

  12. one last thing, I am not sure what to do about it, but you name looks better when it isn't layered over the other black item and needs to be outlined....I think that is why it looks a bit busy.

  13. #5 is also my favorite Sharon, and I can't wait to read your new mystery.

  14. I think version 4 is the sharpest, or version 4 with the gun on the shield.

  15. I'm voting for number three. Four is a nice alternative, too.

  16. I'm voting for number three. Four is a nice alternative, too.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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