Friday, December 23, 2011


We have a couple of new things at our house. The first arrived in a box, and was a total surprise.



IMG_3603     IMG_3604

My friend Cathy G., artist and children’s librarian, recently took a class on creating these photo collages. She sent me pics of some she’d done for family. I’m totally honored to be commemorated this way, and I love her work. You can sometimes find things she’s made in her Etsy shop, Penelope Basset, and I’m sure she’d take orders too. I have another piece she made for me from one of the Dresden paper cuts I gave her.


It’s rather like having my own personal shrine! I’ll have to display it with some quarters and a yard-sale candle.

IMG_3614     IMG_3616

I’ll have to make sure the display is several feet off the ground. And that’s because of the second new thing at our house.


We have a new puppy! As yet unnamed (we’re trying out some possibilities, and are quite motivated to settle on something lest she be stuck with ‘Piglet’ which is what came first to mind. Right now Piglet would be perfect, but I figure when she’s a handsome, strong grown-up dog, being called Piglet will seriously erode her street cred), she’s 7 weeks old, a Springer mix. Supposed to be Springer and Lab, with a soupçon of Pit in there as well. This is our third Springer mix. Kate was the first.

Katie Flashdance

Edward, of course, has set the standard for Springer mixes.

Ed 6 mo

We’ve had three black, longhaired dogs in a row  - Possum, Lizzie, and Edward..

Flower girl     liz oil


This new little one looks like she will have the same short, soft coat that Katie did. So far she’s quite a bit more mellow than Kate, who was a wonderful dog, but pretty much a maniac for her first 12 years. I think we’d had her about 2 days when my husband looked at me and said he didn’t know if he was going to be able to take it. I was thrown into a fluster of trying to decide which of them I could possibly give up, and the answer was neither – so I kept them both.


So far so good with little Nameless. She eats like a champ, sleeps for hours at a time, and is already figuring out what she’s supposed to do when we take her outside. And she’s cuddly, with the most impossibly soft ears you’ve ever felt.

IMG_3593     IMG_3597

Charlie Brown was so, so right…happiness IS a warm puppy!


  1. She is adorable. I know little one will have a name soon and she has found a wonderful home with you! Merry Christmas!

  2. OHHH MY, I found your blog and joined it, Please come by my blog and join I love having NEW follower's.
    Why I joined your blog is because, we have 3 poodles 2 med. one small. My husband of 23 yrs and I LOVE our fur babies. They grew up with THEIR boys which are our sons.
    Our oldest is 20 and is in college and our youngest is 17 and is in high school.

    The name of our furbabies are from the oldest is Mocha, Marissa(which we call Ms. Priss, a Mommy's girl) and our youngest furbaby was my MIL's( which I called her Mom) and I took care of her for 4 yrs and when she passed we took Koko. We always say he was the last gift Mom gave us.
    They just give us such comfort and joy to our family and I always say they aren't dogs they are little humans in fur!

    Your furbaby is SOOOO PRECIOUS!
    I love the picture of her with you Hubby!

    Thank you so much for this post and we too, put them in shirts and in the winter sweater's. They LOVE it!
    I saw your in a blue sweater/shirt I wasn't which one it was, too CUTE!!!!!!!
    Merry Merry Christmas,
    Tricia, XO

  3. Oh my goodness, she is soooo sweet! Life is wonderful with a dog in it. Congratulations on your new addition.

    The collage is absolutely adorable! What a nice surprise from your talented friend.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I think you should name her Jeri. That way you can say she is Jeri Springer. LOL

  5. Too cute. I just celebrated 11 years with my christmas puppy.

  6. What an adorable puppy! Piglet seems to have a good vibe, but keep your options open! Glad you like the "tapestry," for lack of a better name for was a blast of inspiration,and I knew I had to do it!! Got a kindle for Xmas from loving hubby,and trying to figure out how to check books out from the library website for free (why pay, eh?) Will be putting some stuff up on Penelope Basset asap especially since you mentioned it!! Happy New Year to you, Steve, and the fur babies!!

  7. Oh, your new fur child is SO adorable. She will definitely be a great addition to your family. I also love your new photo collage & agree all you need is two quarters and a garage sale candle to make it complete. ;o)

    Wishing you many great finds in the new year.

  8. Love your new fur baby! The pictures are so precious. I think you should name her "Freckles"!

  9. Such a sweet puppy! She looks quite a bit like a dog my dad used to have, but that dog was a mix of brittany spaniel and husky (we called her a "brusky").


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