Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wow. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all your interest in my giveaway! Sixty-one entries, and you guys had such nice things to say. I really and truly thank everyone who entered.

So, here we go. The winner is…Storm, from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife! Storm, I’ll be emailing you to get your address so I can get your copy of the book sent.


I wish so much that I could afford to give away sixty-one copies, but alas that is not the case. I do plan to give away more copies through the year, so stay tuned. And I could really use your help! I’m trying to create some “buzz” about the book. Those of you who have already read it can help me out by blogging a short review, leaving comments on Amazon, recommending it to review websites, etc. What else can we do? Any of you marketing mavens want to jump in?

Though I can’t give everyone a free copy, we have extended the sale price of $13, which includes tax and shipping. It’s about a 30% discount, which is better than the price at Amazon! If you can’t afford to buy it yourself (and believe me, I have been there), it would be great if you could request your public library to order it. Since it hasn’t been reviewed by the standard library journals most libraries don’t know about it. Tell them it’s circulating well in Orange County, and has a waiting list!

Okay, commercial over! (And I promise the only commercials you’ll get on this blog are of the Shameless Self Promotion variety. But hey, it’s my blog!)

Thanks again to everyone who entered. You really made my day—my week!—with your lovely comments. And special thanks to those of you who have signed up as subscribers and/or followers. There are almost 800 of you guys! Hmmm, maybe that can be one of my 11-ish goal for 2011: 1100 regular readers!


  1. I love reading your blog but am having trouble since you changed the font. Has anyone else mentioned it or am I the only one?

  2. Thank you again! I can't wait to start reading it when it arrives :)


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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