Saturday, September 4, 2010


Holidays are a good thing. I know this. I don’t resent them for decreasing the number of yard sales. That would be small of me. Doesn’t matter in the slightest.


Actually, it was a very nice morning. The town I live in allows sales only four weekends a year, and this was one of them. So my husband and I headed over to the posh part of town, with houses built from the Twenties into the Sixties. Many of them have huge front lawns, and there’s lots of beautiful landscaping. I had to laugh when the daughter at this place called it the “chia house.”
Here’s my favorite house of the morning.
The roofing rolls over the edges to imitate a thatched roof, and there are a number of examples in this neighborhood. But this one was just spectacular.

The homeowner is probably accustomed to people standing on the sidewalk gawping at their roof. At least no one came out to shoo us away.

Met a couple of cute little dogs. Betsy the poodle was enjoying her bed in the sunshine.
Pebbles is a Yorkie/Poodle cross. They called her a yorkie-poo, but I think this mix should either be a Yoodle or a Porkie.
You can't see it very well in this picture, but she had bows on her ears. It's her birthday and she was celebrating.

And even though the number of sales was pretty small, I experienced what had to be a first today. I was chatting with a young man having a sale; he was telling me about his two year old and being the good children’s librarian that I am I made sure she’s being read to. He’s doing all the right stuff. Anyway, as the conversation went on, it came out that we actually have a mutual acquaintance. He used to date the daughter of a retired colleague, a woman I used to go to yard sales with sometimes. Small world!

It's probably just as well there weren’t too many sales. I still managed to spend $7.50; just imagine how wild I might have gotten otherwise. The big splash-out was for a whole bag of Mary Engelbreit’s magazine.
This ought to be enough cuteness to hold me for a while. We also picked up a 1955 science fiction book that looks like a hoot and one by Orson Scott Card.

I resisted buying this vintage Harlequin romance, though the cover did crack me up.
Steven bought a trowel thingie for fixing some tiles on our front porch.
I splurged on a ball of garden twine.
And at our very last stop, a couple of blocks from home, we bought a luggage cart thingie.
Used to have one, but it got lost somehow in the past few months. These are getting harder to find since most suitcases are made with wheels these days, but they come awfully handy when you’ve got to get through an airport with a purse, a bag with your books that you must have to read on the plane, your laptop because you are giving a presentation, and your CPAP machine. Take my word for it.

Wheels are a really nifty invention. Maybe even better than holidays.


  1. WOW...what a roof! Didn't know that they still had the craftsmen who could do that.

  2. Glad you didn't pass on the Martian Moons Mystery, that cover is so compelling! Thanks for sharing your spendy Saturdays with us, it's always a pleasure to read your blog.

  3. That roof is amazing! I have never seen anything like it. I agree about the luggage cart. I like them better than suitcases with wheels.

  4. That house is INTENSE! I like the sci fi books. I scored some of those this weekend too! It is a small world :-)

  5. I enjoy your blog so much, that I’m passing on a reward!

  6. Great houses indeed! We have one of those carts and often use it at auctions and even neighborhood yard sales if we're going to be parking and doing a lot of walking. We use bungie cords and attach a box or crate to the shelf and it works great!

  7. Only 4 weekends a year! That is outrageous.
    Those would be 4 very full weekends in my area and there better not be other festivals.
    The M.E. mags are a wonderful find. Most subscribers would not dream of giving them up.

    If I saw a roof like that I would think it was time to be redone. Very interesting.


I really love your comments. Thanks for coming along on my thrifty adventures!

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