Friday, April 23, 2010


So the other night I had this dream that involved much danger and leagues of assassins. I was trying to flee from a gigantic wolf, but my attempts were thwarted because I could not get my flying ottoman started.

That’s right, I could only be saved by a flying ottoman. And not just any ottoman. It was this one…
…the vintage handmade ottoman I bought last October for a buck. Which actually looks like this now, it got some new clothes.
I have no idea what if anything this dream means, unless my subconscious is trying to tell me to pay two bucks next time and get an ottoman that will take off when I need it to.

In other thrifty news, I stopped by Kohl’s today to use the $10 gift card they sent in the mail. They do these promotions every so often; $10 off anything that costs at least $10. It's the only time I go in their stores and my aim is to get as close to $10 as I can. I needed socks, so I picked up two packs that are normally priced $10 each, but were on sale.
Still had to shell out after the gift card was deducted. A whole 32 cents. That’s pretty darned good for six pairs of socks, even by my standards.

Hey, at that rate I could probably even afford to pay two bucks for the next ottoman!


  1. Too funny!

    This week I had a dream that I was trying to stuff a giant taxidermied 'bird of paradise' (this is what i kept telling people that it was, it looked more like a giant turkey to me) into a shopping cart with my three grandchildren. My husband was running along beside me saying, "But do we REALLY need it?!"

    What a dumb question.

  2. Oh man that's a great dream. Last night I dreamed I was setting up merchandise booths all night for the craft group I'm in, not as exciting at all! I got one of those Khol's cards once, used it to buy a bra and haven't been in there since, Lol!

  3. The Flying Ottomans...hmmm, sounds like a Polka Band to me! I'm off to Kohl's!


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