Saturday, August 1, 2009


We’ve been short of doggies in here the past couple of weeks. Hope today makes up for it. Our first actual pet encounter was a cute little gray stripey baby kitty, about 4 months old. He was a trifle skittish, but I lured him to me by dangling the cord of an electric can opener (hey, it was a yard sale, and you use whatever comes to hand!) and twitching it invitingly. Gray Stripey could not resist such a temptation, and in a couple of minutes I was able to pick him up. At which point my friend Marcia walked up to pet him and he took off again—launching himself with full claw support off my chest.

I only bled for about ten minutes. And I was wearing a shirt with narrow red stripes, so the blood won’t show up much. So don’t you worry about me.

These pups were pure pleasure though. Didn’t get pictures of Rocky, the handsome boxer, or Fluffy the Golden Retriever. Thought I'd never get one of Cookie—she just would not hold still!

But this excitable girl and my lens finally made contact.

This little Beagle doll is Roxie. She is wearing the collar thingie because of a hot spot on her back. She was very, very happy with my petting technique. There is a spot on the front of the neck that when scratched, will convince most dogs that you are the best thing that ever happened to them.

And this is Jack. If he hadn't been out for a walk with an elderly lady in a wheel chair I might have been tempted to steal him!
He’s a corgi/border collie mix—could not be anything else, could he? His owner said he’s just the best dog—great with other dogs, cats, kids, everyone. He was a rescue who was abused by his earlier owners. Dogs are such role models of forgiveness.
I had a pretty relaxed morning, because Marcia drove. She has a sleek black Audi convertible. Guys really love her car. If she didn’t already have a pretty terrific husband I'm sure she could hook a new one in no time with her car as bait!

Managed to spend a whole $6.75 today. Sorry, no picture of the pack of notecards with the cute dragonflies stamped on them, because I gave them to Marsh. She is a dragonfly person. And no picture of the two large uncut sheets of black mat board—I just can't think of any way to take an interesting picture of two large black pieces of mat board! (Think flat and black. You got it.) Now I'll get to try out the mat cutter I bought a few months ago…if I can remember where I put it!

This is a clear glass flowerpot that I figured I'd pop over my little African violet on the kitchen window sill. Instant terrarium.
But it's not quite wide enough, dang it. So I need to repot the violet into something smaller or use this for something else—or put it in the Goodwill donation box in the garage and write off that fifty cents.

This little bunny conducting music will probably be a gift.

And this box with the kitty (and space for a photo) will be a door prize for a children’s librarian. As you may know, there is a mystical connection between librarians and cats. I was in an interview once and the subject of cats came up. One of the interviewers turned to the other and said, “We should stop asking if people have cats and just go straight to, And what is your cat’s name?”
Didn’t notice the ‘hello’ scratched inside the lid until I got home. A little black magic marker might take care of that.
I could have bought a lot of clothes today. One of the first places we stopped had dozens of pieces in my size range, lots of them still with the price tags on. Most were not really to my taste, so I ended up with just this lacy overshirt…

…and a cute embellished Quacker Factory tee. Rhinestone cherries. Too fun!

A couple of stops later I found Coldwater Creek pants in my size.
Navy French terry, 100% cotton, with a fun grommeted pocket on the side.
Tried them on when I got home and they are perfect, don’t even have to shorten them. Hooray!

And won’t they look great with my new watch.
I admit, I don't need another watch—but it was fifty cents, and I probably have a battery that will work. Have I ever mentioned I found a great place to get watch batteries? Check out Wholesale for Everyone. I've been really happy with the inexpensive batteries I've gotten there, which arrive in just a few days. And it's great to have them on hand when you find a fifty cent watch!


  1. ooh, thank you for the battery website! :-)

  2. Fun items! And some cute little dogs too. I can't wait for it to cool off just a little so I can get out and hit some yardsales. Have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like you had a decent day!

  4. The corgi-border collie (cordlie?) is SO CUTE!

  5. I so needed a cute doggie fix from you today, and you did not disappoint! All of our dog encounters were from ears to scratch, no bellies to rub...maybe tomorrow at the flea!

  6. Looks like you had a good day! I went to some yardsales today and got some good deals. Spent more than is normal for me. Will post about them in the near future.

  7. Thanks for sharing your dog day and thrify finds! Love that cute little "Corgie" dog!" You even got him to smile for you! :)

  8. What a great, doggie day. We are off to the Vide Greniers later and I wonder if we should take Raja... I think it's different at a big occasion, with so many stalls, not to mention food vendors! I think she had better stay at home.

  9. Love the watch! Isn't it great when people sell their watches off cheap cos they can't be bothered buying a new battery? Great for the buyer that is with a supply of batteries. ;-)

    Cool dog pics!

  10. Jack is the 2nd cutest dog in the western hemisphere. Hazel (our cockapoo) is the first. If you want to see photos of her birthday party, link over and scroll down a bit. It was quite the festive gathering!
    Happy Sunday Junking!

  11. Hey that watch is looking mighty nice on your wrist! Thanks for sharing all your pictures with us.

  12. A corgi/border collie mix! I never heard of it, but boy is that dog beautiful! Love the beagle too. You found some great clothes too. But I really enjoy the doggies. You are my doggie connection!

  13. Roxie looks like my June (when she was much smaller). Love the watch.

  14. You always find the coolest stuff.

    I wish you had been here with your camera today when my dog hit a car. Notice, I say that he hit the car. He ran right into the side of a moving Tahoe and even dented the door. After I stopped screaming, I started laughing. The owner of the Tahoe was not happy, but they will get over it.

  15. Hello Queen, you might try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to take care of that little "hello". Those things really do work magic, if you've never tried one. I shop at garage sales every weekend, and with three kids, have brought alot of things back to life using them. Even the off-brand ones are good.

    This is the first time for me to comment on your blog, but I love it. I read it aloud faithfully to my husband every weekend. We both get a kick out of your adventures and writing style.

  16. Ooooo, I luv reading your posts with all the animal visits - they steal the show !
    You found many great things this week , Yeah You !
    Huss ~ Kammy

  17. Thank you for the link, I just got a cheap watch with a dead battery last week!

  18. Great finds! I love the little conducting bunny!
    Thanks for the tip about watch batteries!

    Love your puppy photos! They're too cute!

  19. Cute dogs to look at, cute clothes,cute watch, and cute little bunny. And all for under $7.00. Great job! and all for such little blood...LOL

  20. I love seeing the adorable doggies!! Looks like you found some cute clothes and watch! Great finds!

  21. Great finds...and love seeing your dogs!!

  22. What a fun day you had.. and you found some great buys. I hope to manage to get to some thrifts today..pleassse let there be some Pyrex.
    Hope your week is a lovely one..

  23. Happy Belated Birtday, Oh Queen of Fifty Cents! Born at 11:11 - we would celebrate that big time at our house. Hope you did TOO!

  24. All of the dogs and items are cute, but Cookie is the real prize find of the day!


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