Saturday, June 27, 2009


My resolve to buy only things I will use right away seems to be getting stronger! I passed up any number of items at today’s yard sales, buying only 6 items. And four of them are to give away! I feel so strong.

The hardest thing to resist was all the vintage hankies. I saw wonderful examples at so many sales. At one house, the hankies had been embroidered by the lady’s grandma, and finished with fine tatted or crocheted edging. She said she has inherited so much stuff, she can't keep it all. She and her husband have ended up with a large amount of family correspondence as well, including the letters his father wrote to his mother when he was in Okinawa during WWII. I suggested they’d make a wonderful addition to family holidays and events. If they were mine, I'd sort them by date, and at Christmas or whenever I would read aloud one or two of the letters from fifty years ago.

Actually, it's just as well my spending was light. We had a humungo vet bill this week. Our sweet Lizzie went in for a little surgery, getting one of those large old-dog lumps removed. They cleaned her teeth as well, and that’s when they found a growth by her tongue. Vet thinks it's benign (though I'll breathe easier when the biopsy results are back) but getting it out required removing a tooth and some bone. She’s feeling a bit punky. (I had similar dental surgery once and she’s being a far better patient than I was!) But she’s an eager eater at mealtime so I think she’s doing well.

My friend Marcia went with me today. We got around two neighborhood sales before we pooped out and went for breakfast. Her favorite deal was a box of Agatha Christie books for five bucks. Plus she bought a book for me—thanks, Marsh! But really, the best deal of all was just meandering from sale to sale, chatting with folks. This fellow might have been the highlight of the morning:
George is eleven years old and quite a character. We both got to hold him, which Marcia especially needed, because she is currently without any kitties at her house. She needed some fur therapy. George was happy to oblige.
These cute older guys were at the first house in the first neighborhood sale.

We petted and chatted. When we finished in that tract and drove by again, the young lady looked up and gave us a big wave. She looked delighted to see us once more. This is why I like yard sales so much more than retail shopping!

Charlie the Cocker Spaniel thoroughly enjoyed the butt scratch I gave him. So much that when I stopped, he plopped himself down on my foot so that a) I couldn’t move and b) I could conveniently keep scratching!
This handsome pair are Sasha and Doc, two Swiss Mountain Dogs. Their owner was thrilled that I knew the breed, and they’re so rare around here I was thrilled to see some in person. Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, they are used in Switzerland to pull dairy carts. Over here they mainly dispense affection.

I spent all of $4 today, and brought home:

A couple of fun things for my children’s librarians…bunny ears
and a handmade armadillo. Surely someone will be doing an armadillo-themed storytime one of these days, right?

This nice box will be a prize for one of the participants in the Summer Reading Program I run for our administrative staff. They get an entry in the raffle drawing for every book read during the summer. In August we’ll have a potluck breakfast and draw for the prizes—most of which come from you know where!

I'm not sure if this item will be a reading prize, or a gift for our friends with dachshunds, or be resold. Still in their box with the $29 sticker on them.
How could I resist a set of crystal dachshund knife rests--no matter how strong I'm feeling?

Must have been a gift, for as the Queen of Fifty Cents always says, if there were no gifts there would be no garage sales!

Marcia paid for this Jasper Fforde book when she was buying others for herself. She’d been laughing over one called Born to Kvetch, so it had to go home with her.
This little frog has magnets in his feet. I just liked the way he can cling to a finger
and I think he’ll be happy with the other frogs in our house.
Okay, maybe I wasn't so strong after all, but he was a dime--and he needed a good home!

Lastly, I found this nice clock, new in its box.
I still need one out by the pool. The one I bought in early May turned out not to work, dang it. I know that yard sale goods are definitely a buyer beware situation, but shoot, if it doesn’t work, either don’t sell it or mark it as not working. I wasted two whole dollars on the other one. And you know what I can do with two whole dollars!

Anyone have a spare Roomba battery? I'm still crazy about my Roomba from last week, but the battery is pretty tired. It's not holding much of a charge, and I think that’s just age. So I'll have to bite the bullet and replace that soon. Then Noll kitty better be on his toes!


  1. I love reading about your garage sale adventures! George is a adorable :-) And I hope your baby heals soon!

  2. Sounda like another fun day. Sure hope you sweet dog heals fast.

  3. I'd love to have someone to go garaging with. My husband used to go when we had an antique shop. (Years and years ago) I have just recently started to go again . . just a couple a week. I'll put on some of my finds in the next few days.

  4. I hope Lizzie is feeling better and I want it to be benign, too. I love dogs. I am trying to follow your lead and get pics of cute pets but my Wed. post will have one scary Ford guard dog and some cute cars. xo Joan

  5. Your garage sale stories and photos are such fun! I love those daschund knife rests!!
    They would be a perfect gift for me and wouldn't end up in my garage sale!
    Hope your puppy is well soon. We had a couple of hairy moments with a vet this week too! All is well now for the most part...
    Blessings, Kathi

  6. My heart is broken over the passed over hankies and letters. Those are right up my alley!

    Hope your furry friend is feeling all better soon!

  7. Well, who can resist saling when you meet so many wonderful furry friends! And going with a friend just doubles the fun! I enjoy going with my husband but he can't always get away from his business on Saturdays, so I end up going by myself. I think, tho, that I will ask my BFF Vivian to go with me next time ... I'm new to blogging and this is my first comment to post! Love your blog!

  8. I love those glass dogs. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I would be lost if my little princess had to undergo surgery. I think it's neat you find stuff for the fellow libraries from yard sales. Great Job. I am distressed right now...we have to major library systems where I love...I love them both. The State of Ohio has to cut their funding by 50%. That is such a drastic cut. I am a patron that visits the library at least three times a week. I also go to the websites at least every other day.

  9. I am surprised that you don't bring home some stray dogs from your outings, as much as you feature them. HOw cute they are! And dachsund knife rests. I think that must be a first for those. I can see why you had to get them.

  10. Every sale is an adventure, isn't it?! I love when there is a dog at a sale, because I can't have one (daughter is allergic, and hubby doesn't like dogs!).I think that armadillo is so cute, and the knife rests. Hope your pup is feeling better, and the results come back negative!

  11. I hope Lizzie is feeling better! Our Golden has those old dog lumps in a few places but so far the Vet has said they're normal (he does need his teeth cleaned though). Love the bunny ears and I enjoyed seeing all the puppies!


  12. Jasper Forde is absolutely amazing. I didn't realize Kvetch was out. He's got a series of book mysteries also starring Thursday Next.

  13. Good finds and I am crossing my fingers that Lizzie just has a bump with no icky stuff!

    I love all of your new furry friends!

  14. Love to read your finds and the visit with the pets...they are so adorable ! You did really well and it is hard to restrain....LOL!
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. HI there--Rhoda sent me your way! Love the finger puppet! and those dachshund knife rests--great find. I'm a dog lover myself, so I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Hope to meet you over at my blog someday!

  16. You found some great finds; the finger puppets are darling! LOL @ the bunny ears photo..too cute!

    Hope your dog heals soon.

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. I never thought about taking my camera yard saling, let alone taking pics of all the cute furry residents I see when I go. Great idea! My daughter loves to see them all, and I have to drag her away from the poor creatures before she pets them to death!

  18. Fun finds this week! Hope your doggie feels better soon too :)

  19. Cute pets and great finds! :O)

  20. How fun! George seems like such an awesome cat! It was fun to see your animal pictures. I go to garage sales with my daughter and always wish people would keep their dogs inside. They scare my daughter and I have to carry her around the whole time. She's 5 and weighs 40 pounds, so it gets old quickly! LOL!

  21. Get well wishes to Lizzie :) I love reading about your garage sale adventures!! It is definitely a highlight to my day:)

  22. oh what cuties- the dogs AND the finds! The knife rests are interesting... who uses them these days of casual living?! Nonetheless, I like them! Glad you had a nice visit with all the garage sale pets. they are adorable...

  23. I would have to say that we meet interesting people at garage sales. I love your finds...especially the frog. so cute!

  24. Funny, but I'm about to write a post about an armadillo. Unfortunately, the subject matter would NOT be appropriate for storytime. Always nice to see someone do a cute take on a not cute critter like a 'dilla. Holly had seven teeth removed in one operation after the vet had cleaned her teeth--I felt guilty about that since I'm so bad about brushing them for her. Now she has to semi-gum everything but still manages to stay quite chubby!

  25. Love your garage sale adventure. And all the furry friends are a nice extra bonus.

  26. Love the glass knife rests. Those are so unique and fun.

  27. Love seeing the pets you come across (& get to pet!). My hubby never wants our dachshunds out when we have a garage sale because they have to bark hello to everyone. Most people just love them though. Darling knife rests. Hope your beloved dog is fine.

  28. I know this is an old post. I am reading your blog from beginning to current.
    My Beloved surprised me with an Ion Robot... like a Roomba. I call her Roby.
    I love this thing! the cats either hide or follow it around and the dog jumps on a chair.
    I hope you got yours a new battery, they are so handy!


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