Monday, May 4, 2009


Several months ago I saved a search in my Google Reader for blog entries on ‘garage saling.’ (I have another for ‘thrifting’—it's how I've found many of you!) All winter the one for garage saling was pretty much dormant, but now it has come to life, and I've been enjoying the variety of material it pulls in. Lots of listings for community garage sales all over the country; they get deleted quickly. But I loved two of today’s gleanings.

One is an announcement for a community theater play
called Garage Sale—“Garage Sale is the heartwarming and hilarious story of nine women whose life stories can be told by the things they have collected through the years. Over 30 years of garage sales, they learn of life, laughter, friendship and most importantly, the real value of their ‘stuff’.” Doesn’t that sound like fun? I would definitely attend, but I'm in California and the play is going on in Minnesota. Dang! If anyone goes, be sure to let me know how it was.

My RSS feed also pulled in this from the Canadian government

May 4, 2009
For immediate release
OTTAWA - Garage sale season is here again and Health Canada is reminding consumers to put safety ahead of savings and to use caution when buying second-hand items at garage sales, flea markets, on-line web sites, and second-hand stores…Do not consider buying items that have damaged, cracked, missing or loose parts, or items that are missing instructions…”

I hate to tell the Canadian government, but those of us who love second-hand shopping are rarely deterred by damage, cracks, missing or loose parts, and we certainly wouldn’t let missing instructions stand between us and a great deal! In fact, isn’t that part of the fun—the freedom of discovery that comes when the instructions are missing? I suspect that many people who know me would tell you that I myself have a few screws that are loose.

Guess I'd better stay on this side of the border for now.

If you haven’t yet visited Southern Hospitality for Today’s Thrifting Treasures,
get on over there and see what folks found this weekend.

And for heaven’s sake don’t tell the Canadian government about that estate sale I went to on Friday. They’d faint!


  1. The Canadian government just doesn't GET IT! xo Joan

  2. Maybe it's a plot by someone high-up in the Canadian government to get all the good buys for herself!!! LOL...

  3. Great post! I'm a thrifty shopper in France, where we call it 'Troc' (short for the French word for trading, actually). I shall keep watching your blog to discover more about thrifty finds across the Atlantic! Love your 'cover' as a librarian, BTW!

  4. I'll bet Walmart is in collusion with the Canadian government on this "warning". Oh wait, that means that CHINA is in collusion with the Canadian government since everything you buy at Walmart comes from China. Good grief, it's a worldwide conspiracy to scare us away from garage sales. Strike back--hit as many as possible this weekend!!!!

  5. Maybe it is their way to try and get people to buy "new", to help the economy. :-)

  6. Uff da! I won't be in MN until after the play has closed. Shoot!

    You know how we librarians are pegged as being AR? Imagine being a Canadian librarian.....just kidding. I hate stereotypes.

  7. With 3 boys, 2 cats, a hyperactive dog and a 'bull in a china shop' husband, I rarely have anything in the house that isn't chipped, cracked or broken. (including my sanity!).
    The Savvy4 is having a garage sale next month, so we'll write about our experiences, especially if the government shows up!


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