Monday, January 12, 2009


I never thought I'd be one of those bloggers who writes about their breakfast, but there is a thrifting angle to it.

Opened the fridge this morning to pack my lunch, and found a surprise my husband left for me:
Fresh strawberries to dip in sour cream and brown sugar. Mmmm! What a wonderful start to the week. I go to work very early and usually eat something mid-morning, so I packed his surprise into a basket and took it with me.
Those strawberries were so, so good. And all day, whenever I thought of my surprise when I opened the fridge, I got a little glow. We’ve been married a long time—nearly 37 years—and he can still amaze me.

The thrifting angle? The dishes, of course. I picked up six of the little white ramekins a year or two ago, I think for a dollar. Wasn’t sure if they’d prove useful, but hardly a day goes by that we don’t use them for something. The oblong platter was one of the Winfield Pottery pieces I picked up last summer. (Sara G, you’ll recognize the pattern!) Even the notepaper was a Saturday morning find, bought because my husband tells a story about his dad as a boy that takes place by a windmill in west Texas.
I hope everyone had as pleasant a start to your week as I did. And take it from me, if you want to make your sweetie happy, a surprise in the fridge is a great start!


  1. I look forward every week to your wonderful blog. I am newly retired and it has become one of my wake-up-to-the-week activities. Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh, he's a keeper! But I guess you knew that since you've been together 37 years - way to go. It's those little things that keep it rolling and make us so tickled.

    I miss fresh California strawberries straight from the fields. We'd always drive up to Camarillo to the local stands and get huge flats of them. Perfectly ripe and smelling so good. Thanks for the memory!

  3. awwwwwww, what a sweetie.
    Yes, I think you should keep him around for awhile.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  4. That is so SWEET! What a kind thing to do for you, what a guy!

  5. That's so sweet and looks so delicious!


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